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12 Comments on Q&A – 564 – Time Stamps Coming Soon

  1. WooooHoooo xoxoox my main squeeze!! Love u Dr. M!! HUGS TO ALL! ❤

  2. I’ve MISSED you Dr Morse! It’s always so lovely to see you! Sending tons and tons and TONS of love! <3 So grateful to have come across you and Hilde and to be healing steadily, and faster as time progresses! 😀 Thank you, thank you thank you. Love you ! Tons of hugs <3

  3. Greetings from Poland ! you are what u eat

  4. Olivia Jeremiah 31:3 // 2nd June 2021 at 2:53 am //

    It’s amazing what a fruit diet can do for healing that toe! And he’s diabetic.
    Perfectly an example of the power of fruits, berries and melons.
    Thank you Dr. Morse we love you, how can we not?

  5. Love you to the moon and back Dr. Morse- In you, I have found my life’s calling… I’m healing myself so I can help others to heal themselves!! To GOD be the glory!! xoxo Blessings to you and yours

  6. Sending love and thanks!!

  7. Seeing a new notification from Dr Morse lifts my spirits. He changed my whole view of healing. I work in a hospital in UK, an environment opposite now to what I believe. What nonsense goes on! Love you Dr morse ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Kindle. 5g. Millemeter waves. persperation. Telemeres. Bioplasma harvesting. Super advance Fungus like tech in brain. Collloidal elements. Thanks. 1:40 cut foods with specialized biofilms for nanotech reproduction. Been getting better at dodging

  9. Does anyone know an online iridologist that is a little less expensive the on the Robert Morse website?

  10. Filip Stojsavljevic // 2nd June 2021 at 8:52 pm //

    Anyone having positive experiance with dandruf? Everytime i go high fruit it seems to get worse. I fixed everything else but my dandruf problem stays the same. Its almost 2 years on raw food and 96 days on juices…

  11. Grommets resulted in my perforated eardrum which two Tympanoplasties did not correct by the surgeon who I informed about Dr Morse and the lymphatic system years later but is now deceased, ill suspect and assume, from morbid obesity.

  12. Love, Love, Love Dr. M!!

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