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Q&A119-2 HIV AIDS, Arthritis, UTI’s

In This Video:

Q & A 119

-Bilateral Mastectomy in Pain
-Interstitial Cystitis
-Heal All Poultice
-Peppers for circulation
-Adrenal Burnout
-Endurance Factors
-Chronic Migraines
-Sinus Surgery
-Swelling in Throat
-Detoxing Nat. Gas (neuro toxins)
-Glandular Duration
-Dry Fingertips
-14 Year Old with Broken Neck

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20 Comments on Q&A119-2 HIV AIDS, Arthritis, UTI’s

  1. Beans, yeah i cannot digest kidney beans and even it seems chickpea and mung bean sprouts which i thought was odd. Yeah raw milk, often promoted as healthy, it’s still milk. The thing i am realising is the mucus aspect to the diet. We have to clean the body and then focus on maintenance for life. Thanks for the egg information Dr.Morse.

  2. The one thing i now observe with regards to making/drinking vegetable juice is just how fast we/people drink it, faster than ANY other liquid including water and including alcohol. I think the human body of today is literally CRYING for real nutrition.

  3. Very powerful video Dr.Morse. Simply awesome.

  4. xo Doc xoo

  5. Doc you are trimming down 😀

  6. Juice should always be drank slowly. Thoroughly mix it with your saliva which will allow your body to more easily utilize & absorb the nutrition in the juice. Recall the old saying….”chew your drink, and drink your food”. The human body is starving for nutrition due to the eating of junk & processed foods as well as the mineral depletion of our soils which creates deficient plants grown in that soil. Cheers!

  7. Great to see you’re still here, JG 🙂

  8. Thanks FJ. I still check in now and then to see what the good Doc is up to.

  9. Thanks, yeah even drank slowly they are drank quickly in my view, if that makes sense. I love my juices and would’nt go a day without them. I always swirl them about in my mouth. I’ve got my health back now and i plan on keeping it !! 😉

  10. Good stuff superman! What are some juice combinations that you like?

  11. Certainly…but saliva is quickly inactivated in the stomach by the acid that is present there. Digestion always begins in the mouth regardless of whether you are eating a high water content food or a piece of burnt toast. Chewing your juices before swallowing prevents blood sugar fluctuations…because the digestive enzymes in the saliva would break down the sugars to a form that didn’t cause the blood sugar levels to be adversely affected. The human body is amazing!

  12. Really enjoyed the food lesson, thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  13. Allrighty, i love the greens, parsley, spinach, coriander, with lettuce, GINGER(love it), apples, celery, carrots and lemon. This is my NO.1. But i often for quickness will have carrot, apples(2), celery, ginger, apple and lemon. Totally delicious !!

  14. So true, thanks for the comment, I’m one big step closer to the truth.

  15. Thank you Dr. M! this is one of the best explanations I’ve heard, and it all rings true for me.
    I appreciate these videos and am learning so much. It’s a shame that most people don’t want to hear this.

  16. Thanks Robert!!!

  17. 119 1 &2 are AWESOME!! Great information on the natural diet for humans!! Thanks

  18. I like how you cut to the chase, Doctor!  I’m just trucking along, watching your videos and saturating my brain with this education. I’m on the road to Wellville… Thank You!!

  19. Your a genius, thanks for the content. So a mixture of raw alkaline fruits/greens/herbs/seeds/sprouted chickpeas good? Also b12 would you recommend supplementing it? I have been on a good healthy plantbased diet for around 6 months with fasting & mostly alkaline foods

  20. This was a great video but did I miss his take on arthritis?

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