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Q&A119-3 HIV AIDS, Arthritis, UTI’s

In This Video:

Q & A 119

-Bilateral Mastectomy in Pain
-Interstitial Cystitis
-Heal All Poultice
-Peppers for circulation
-Adrenal Burnout
-Endurance Factors
-Chronic Migraines
-Sinus Surgery
-Swelling in Throat
-Detoxing Nat. Gas (neuro toxins)
-Glandular Duration
-Dry Fingertips
-14 Year Old with Broken Neck

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15 Comments on Q&A119-3 HIV AIDS, Arthritis, UTI’s

  1. WOW. That was an incredible intro to the 119 set of questions. Thank you.

  2. What do u recommend for my toy poodle’s diet? I got her on the Primal diet of balanced raw meat. And I give her a little raw veg.

  3. love this. This is exactly what i need to show my parents through a time where they are blaming the fruits for my illness.

  4. I think that saying “The proof is in the pudding” would be appropos! Dr. Morse has seen what works!

  5. This one made me cry. It hit way close to home. Happy for you w/ the watermelon. I tried, but it did not digest, got stuck in my colon and was very painful to release via enema last night. I have been wanting to ask Doc about personality changes that come with low adrenals. A joy stealer for sure. It’s been very recent that I have been able to enjoy music again. Much love to the person that wrote in. I feel you inside me. Would love to connect with you.

  6. Mr Antdion – indeed very wise words to the soul from Dr. M. 🙂

  7. hey wendy, were you eating seedless watermelons? the ones with lots of seeds make it much easier to rid of constipation issue.
    i once ate watermelons for 4 days and never went to bathroom once and when i did…well lets just say it was obvious that i needed more cleaning.
    i ate a 20 pound watermelon for a whole day just recently and all was perfect 😉
    i found out the key was to eat LOTS of it when you mono meal it.

    all the love.

  8. Aoldieh
    Thank you for the nice reply. I just don’t digest anything solid yet. Neurological and lymph related gut paralysis. Been doing good on smoothies and juice until things start to work though 🙂

  9. Amazing as always angel Morse. Love.

  10. <3 we will heal the world! thanks dok :' )

  11. whata man <3

  12. Please does anyone know what video has the uti information in it

  13. 8:51 and 11:33 pancreas shut down and remedy

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