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Q&A119-6 HIV AIDS, Arthritis, UTI’s

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Q & A 119

-Bilateral Mastectomy in Pain
-Interstitial Cystitis
-Heal All Poultice
-Peppers for circulation
-Adrenal Burnout
-Endurance Factors
-Chronic Migraines
-Sinus Surgery
-Swelling in Throat
-Detoxing Nat. Gas (neuro toxins)
-Glandular Duration
-Dry Fingertips
-14 Year Old with Broken Neck

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5 Comments on Q&A119-6 HIV AIDS, Arthritis, UTI’s

  1. Adrienne Hargrove // 23rd May 2012 at 12:00 am //

    Dr Morse, can you please go into more detail about fruit and how it’s OK as appossed to what other teachers say?

  2. Jennifer Mclaughlin // 23rd May 2012 at 2:59 am //

    I love you Dr. Morse. I would like you to address the same as superseedsower: I am taking a teaching class at Hippocrates; how do you explain the prevailing ‘wisdom’ contraindicating fruit for healing? I would love to take your detox class. I suffer from severe psoriasis and sugar addiction.

  3. Kimberly Balbach // 23rd May 2012 at 3:20 am //

    It amazes me that people think we need addition protein, do they really think God got it wrong! with fruits and veggies! Thank you Dr. Morse you are awesome!!

  4. I’m always getting the protein question for myself and the kids. Considering how new I am to this lifestyle it’s hard to answer the naysayers. Thanks for addressing this! Can’t wait to be trained! As a teacher my heart breaks for the very sick children that come each day and the lunches filled with trash. Some mommies are starting to listen as they watch my children and myself filling with light and love.

  5. Starlight Starbright // 13th March 2017 at 7:02 pm //

    Time Guide to Topics Covered
    1:04 dry fingertips–
    Dr. Morse: Dryness is due to toxicity. If you put anything on your hands, make sure you can drink it.
    2:25 broken neck, 14 yrs old–
    Dr. Morse: Ultimate Immune formula. First Brain & Nerve, Upper Circulation. No matter what the died is, but she needs to get off proteins. Look at Arnold Ehret. Also, Bones formula. Use some greens. If damage to nervous system, fruits are the only way.
    5:45 grocery clerk noticed she was buying fruits–clerk said to make sure she got her proteins
    Dr. Morse: Look at the colors in the fruits. It turns on the awareness, the spirituality. Need to help people because they just don’t know.
    9:48 numbness of fingers, guitar player, ulcerative colitis, scleraderma
    Dr. Morse: may take a while, don’t give up. Ulcerative colitis is burning from the inside out. Work on kidneys and adrenals. Push this way beyond your systems being gone. Nothing will come back then. Cold is alkaline and will always bring detox symptoms out. Have never failed to take a scleraderma case with our health programs and totally got rid of it.

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