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Q&A119-8 HIV AIDS, Arthritis, UTI’s

In This Video:

Q & A 119

-Bilateral Mastectomy in Pain
-Interstitial Cystitis
-Heal All Poultice
-Peppers for circulation
-Adrenal Burnout
-Endurance Factors
-Chronic Migraines
-Sinus Surgery
-Swelling in Throat
-Detoxing Nat. Gas (neuro toxins)
-Glandular Duration
-Dry Fingertips
-14 Year Old with Broken Neck

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11 Comments on Q&A119-8 HIV AIDS, Arthritis, UTI’s

  1. Adrienne Hargrove // 23rd May 2012 at 1:49 am //

    Where do the lymph fluid go when your tonsils are out?

  2. Good question. I want to know that as well

  3. to your head…

  4. On one of your recent videos you said you would run for a coconut smoothie…just wondering what ingredients would be in your favorite coconut smoothie?…maybe you could talk a little about what great tasting fruit meals are your favorites…

  5. Laughed out loud when he said “these sons ‘o bitches” hahaha tell it like it is Dr M.

  6. My sister is a binge alcohol drinker and occasional smoker. She also eats lots of sugar and also lots of wheat. She has been getting migraines since 2003. Despite my pleas she went to the local GP, she was given beta blockers, paracetamol and co-codamol. Seriously, oh and some other drug which i can’t pronounce with added yummy aspartame, can you believe this. Anyway she had a bad reaction to one of these, and NOW i am seizing the opportunity, we have made a food chart with good/bad. Pray 4me

  7. ‘LOVE’ whatever we believe it to be is THE ultimate healing power in the universe.
    NOTHING works without it.

  8. Thanks for the mention again Dr.Morse. I had been deeply depressed for 10+ years which spiralled into alcoholism and a general junk food diet. Anyway i changed that. But yeah wow i have had to become street smart beyond street smart. I think it would be absolutely AWESOME to see these cases you talk about. Truly that would be a revelation to many of us and further ‘fuel’ for us wanting to be healers to humanity. I have a juicing class tommorrow for 5 year old kids, almost 200 hundred of em.:-)

  9. ”Just because you’re rich does’nt mean you’re smart.”
    – So true. Look at all the celebrities, Steve Jobs for example that die young of cancer and other avoidable diseases.

  10. Monika Czerwinska // 24th May 2012 at 5:57 pm //

    “…this is how simple health is, we make such a big deal out of something that is very simplistic!…” LOVE IT!

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