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19 Comments on Q&A127-1 Asbestos, Rusty Water, Thromboytosis

  1. James Carmichael // 7th June 2012 at 3:11 pm //

    Alcohol: Its something I’m trying to give up as well as smoking. I just can’t wait to go out on a friday and saturday night after a hard week working. I know alcohol is bad for me, but can it have a place in my future if i go down the detox/fruit diet road? I really don’t want to stop going to bars and clubs, but I also can’t see how I can go out and not drink and smoke etc. What are your opinions and suggestions Dr Morse? Thanks so much, love this channel.

  2. ‘Subscribe’ to my channel as i am going down the path of detox as well and trying to quit drinking and smoking. I am starting my online diary and sharing my experiences.

  3. James Carmichael // 7th June 2012 at 3:31 pm //

    Awesome thanks man.

  4. James Carmichael // 7th June 2012 at 3:34 pm //

    Since the Sun is acidic shouldn’t we be avoiding it during fasting and detoxing? I sungaze quite a bit and wondered if I should still do it while detoxing? Thanks again Dr Morse your brightest star there is.

  5. I know i’m not Dr.Morse but giving up the alcohol, club scene and late nights was THE single best thing i ever did for myself, i got into detoxing, cleaning my body out with home made raw organic cold pressed veg juices, cleaned up my diet, over several months, my eyes opened, i feel really good and have a ton of energy for everyday, aslong as i juice regularly and avoid all unnatural junk, alcohol is this. I don’t go to clubs anymore, i prefer to read books etc

  6. Are pea protein powders alkaline forming ? Sprouted brown rice protein also ?

  7. @robertmorsend.. should a high level athlete worry about consuming a creatine supplement, since creatine phosphate is used in aerobic training activities, ie weight lifting boouts ~ 12 seconds..thank you for these videos! peace

  8. The sun is acidic? Never heard that one. Keep in mind that the sun is the source of all life on this planet. Without adequate sunshine, your health & vitality will decline, and you will be at risk for many diseases…cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, rickets, TB, MS, etc. The sun actually assists our body in detoxing. Sunlight was used to heal TB & infectious diseases in the 19th century. Many healing retreats used sunlight therapy. Read “The Healing Sun” by Richard Hobday. Amazing book.

    • Do you think “evil” when you hear the word “acidic” or something? Acids stimulate, hints the sun stimulating our lives in these physical vehicles.

  9. Monika Czerwinska // 7th June 2012 at 6:22 pm //

    Hello:) first you need to ask yourself why you drink alcohol when you go to clubs? is it because you don’t feel relaxed, happy, joyful and cheerful, you don’t feel like fun? So you drinking alcohol at the club to forget about your complicated life, hard working and getting fake happiness for a couple of hours this way? How about to feel joy and have energy ALL THE TIME for the rest of your life without stimulants? This what the fruit detox and cleansing your body doing to you…

  10. Monika Czerwinska // 7th June 2012 at 6:34 pm //

    Being on fruit diet for at least couple of months u will see all your addictions will go away very naturally…you can go to the clubs, why not but you will see the differences in your health, energy, emotions, point of view…you’ll be hungry to experience life to the fullest and not just go to the club to get cheap high for a short time. Being happy, healthy and full of energy all day long every day it is something I wouldn’t give up for ANYTHING!Best wishes!:)

  11. Monika Czerwinska // 7th June 2012 at 6:40 pm //

    …in my previous comment I meant that you can still go to clubs but you don’t have to drink alcohol because you wont need it…you’ll be relaxed and happy anyway 🙂

  12. Yes Doc, those fingered toes, as u call ’em R more hip than just being fashionable. Damn fashion should be spelt fascion, 4 many reasons 2 ponder, then leave that weirld behind. Those shoes R the best I’ve had. Jogging shoes tend to be more built up in the heel, so encourage reaching out further into heal-2-toe stepping. Also they dont leave U flush with the ground. This all throws off the natural relationship betw muscles & bones. Plus u feel pebbles & surface diff’s so increasing coordination

  13. …Then since these shoes simulate barefoot walking they encourage landing flatter distributing weight more evenly betw balls of the feet & heal. People tend 2 look 4 arch support in shoes, but this natural way of stepping rebuilds your arches. So regular shoes R like a crutch, but with these we’re supporting our own arches. Now most of our attention gets lost thru our senses (partic eyes) on2 phenomena. The thin soles draw our attention down thru our body, increasing proprioception is Y so good

  14. I’ll look after that feeling. I can’t imagine myself going out and not drinking. It seems to alien to me. I’ll keep an eye on your channel and try and get imspired. Peace and love my friend.

  15. @Leah before going down the raw and detox road I was an alcoholic and used marijuana on a daily basis. After a few months your body starts to reject the “poison” you put into it and starts craving natural foods and thoughts. Your whole being recalibrates to a higher consciousness. If you’re going to drink though wine is probably the best choice.

  16. What percentage of raw were you on, and how long did it take for the tooth the be full grown?

  17. If you can tolerate Marijuana, you’re blessed. Just don’t burn it which turns it acidic. If you ingest the extract of the flower it detoxifies and heals. Look up what Rick Simpson has done with this oil alone.

  18. please find out what pictures you can show and whatz prohibited…i’ve seen so much on youtube i can’t imagine a few pics of tumors etc would be censored.

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