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20 Comments on Q&A131 Eating Disorders, MS, Foot Pain

  1. Keep the videos coming, the ramble on and on is the best especially when u take the glasses off. We know the message is the same but we need to hear it every couple of days to our sanity in this world. You are a breath of fresh air!

  2. I enjoy watching your video’s. I am also coming to your class in Sept. I will also be in your area in about 2 weeks. I am thinking about moving to the area you are in. Do you know of any good deals on a house?

  3. FruitsVeggiesAndLove // 19th June 2012 at 1:40 am //

    I hope you guys start letting ads through. Make a little extra cash. I would have no problem watching ads to get this videos 😉

  4. YOU R THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great job Chris !!

  6. Green Juices are AWESOME !!

  7. Dr.Morse with regards to endurance training, events lasting 2 hours+ what are your thoughts on coconut sugar being used for energy ?

  8. Monika Czerwinska // 19th June 2012 at 8:09 pm //

    You are simply the best Dr Morse! Love you very much!:)

  9. I’m growing up comfrey, burdock, gotu kola and nettle in the garden. Can’t wait till they mature so I can juice them!

  10. I’m still with you Dr Morse after seven months, watching all your new videos. I’ve learnt so much. Thx.

  11. I think that a ring with too much nickel could cause the finger to go black.

  12. I want to do all fruit, but what about omega 3’s

  13. I love Dr. Morse’s attitude, he’s so cerebral, cool, calm and collected! Love that guy, ramble on, dude, ramble on….!

  14. Lisaalwaysmilen White // 31st July 2012 at 4:01 pm //

    WOW, Robert thank you sooooo much, I knew that if I watched enough clips I would find one that hits a topic that addresses my biggest issue and this one is it! So you keep gabbin and rattlin on cause I love and need it! I started watching you about 2 weeks ago for about 2 hour a day or more, thank you!
    Would love to send in a pic of eyes to get deeped look into my heath journey! Your an awesome blessing to all and I thank YHWH
    for leading me to you so I can learn and gleen! YOUR GREEEAAAAT! muc

  15. hehe….”kidney stones out the butt”
    dr. morse is cute 🙂

  16. Dr Morse what do you eat?

  17. Dr. Morse, please don’t worry about “rattlin’ on”! Within all rattlings, there are nuggets and nuggets of wisdom. I have been researching and in the field of natural health for 15 years, and you are the only one I can listen to for hours and still learn! XOXO

  18. I love Dr. Morses rattle-ons! I back up the videos and listen to some of them again. Dr. Morse is never saying “nothing”! He spews forth the wisdom pearls of the ages but I guess today’s a.d.d. generation has more important things to do. Dr. More is the only doctor I’ve found who makes any sense at all and has helped me figure out my problems just through these videos absolutely free of charge! I’m so grateful we have him in this world!

  19. StarStruck Fashion // 23rd March 2018 at 5:39 am //

    I love wen u talk.. keep doing you u Dr Morse


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