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24 Comments on Q&A134 – Pain & Lymph, Too Thin, Severe Constipation…

  1. How about pickled? I’m not trolling. I’m actually eating pickles–nice
    organic ones, pickled fresh & crunchy

  2. Ummmm I wouldn’t eat clay either. I do love to make clay art out of it but
    the silica in it wouldn’t be good for the lungs lol. And thanks for the
    break down of how you use the rest room lol. Seriously it does help. Thank

  3. Ur most welcome! I was kinda joking bout the clay, preying on your handle.
    Really a proviso, cuz some folks do eat Bentonite & other clays (look in2
    diatomaceous earth too). The silica is helpful, a VIP mineral to all
    connective tissue (every cell), not just hair. Only bad 2 the lungs if
    breathed. Also, how u breathe can make the diff. Exhaling fully contracts
    the lower abdomen, wringing out the bowels. Short breath holds & breathing
    as minimally as can will have a vasodilating & muscle relaxing

  4. LOL….I know you were joking. I just wanted to keep it going ha. But yes I
    will have to keep the breathing thing in mind when in the studio. Clay is
    all in my nose sometimes. Crazy. Have a good one! 

  5. The brea thing is far more useful than 4 emptying the bowel. It’s called
    the Buteyko Method, billed for curing asthma & helping vs COPD & emphysema.
    But helps with falling asleep & vs anxiety etc. We’re led to believe CO2 is
    a waste product cuz that’s what we exhale. But we actually need a level of
    CO2 to assimilate O2. Increasing CO2 levels relaxes muscles, is both a vaso
    & bronchial dilator, further allowing O2 to reach the cells. Pushing out
    exhalation fully & minimizing inhales helps u poo

  6. Helps us poo lol….FUNNY! I have learned something new about CO2. I leave
    a while back that it helps to keep our earth’s climate at a good temp for
    us so that it is not too hot or too cold…interesting stuff. I think I
    have learned more outside of school than in. Well I did learn about my
    profession but not all the useful things :D. So….in order for me to sleep
    better…I should get a better matress and breathe! Maybe I will do deep
    breath exercises before bed. Any…I do rabble!

  7. Hardly rambling! We only get 500 chars. here. No room 4 dat. U seem 2 B 1
    of us rabble. Check out rabble(dot)ca It’s a Canadian site. In breathing,
    less is more. Most of us populat’n suffers from “hidden hyperventilation”.
    Breathin thru the nose is an imperative. The more gently u breathe the more
    deeply the breath can penetrate. Then at the most relaxed place in the
    in/out breathin cycle hold the breath till u feel the 1st impulse to
    breathe, like a hunger pang 4 breath, repeat…zzzzz 

  8. Very good info. I will try this more at night and through out the day and
    see if this helps me sleep better. Thank you!

  9. 1 last itty tid bit…or 2, on sleepin anyways, lol! Try sleeping without a
    pillow. After my first strong waking I will then use my pillow to sink me
    back in (2 zzz), if i have time. At least when lying on your back, flat
    horizontal puts head in alignment with spine. Then when u roll on2 side the
    head kinda flops & the shoulder crunches, collapses under the weight. But
    this is when u’r completely relaxed, so it’s like using the softness of the
    bed 2 massage urself, workin out details of comfort

  10. Wooow!! Someone should take all the Dr Morse’s rants pack it into a dvd and
    throw it by helicopter through the world!!!!! XD

  11. great man great herb store

  12. Why from here on are the vids blocked from “likeing”??? 

  13. So Glad I have found you, on the same level . Views . Gerson , myss, and a
    few others. You, are very good to watch. I sadly find people not even smart
    enough to study on their own. Amazing ; Brain washed sheep. God Bless YOU

  14. Dr. Morse – when you say protein is problematic to the body, do you mean
    animal protein (meat) and or protein that derives from e.g. nuts? I am a
    great eater of nuts!

    • +Steve Smekar Thank you.

    • +Steve Smekar nuts are one of the most natural foods known to man. Paleo
      diet. Human’s have been eating nuts for millions of years. Hard to digest?
      Says you I guess. Lots of healthy oils, protein, fiber.

    • +Steve Smekar your comment was cut off. You were saying something about
      nuts being fit only for “meager” eating only. Why? Because it makes you so
      full, so just eat a few and no more? Or because it’s too much work to open
      up the shell? If it’s the latter, I’d say that this is irrelevant because
      we likely started eating nuts with the advent on tool making, which has
      been around for a few millions years. So nuts have deep seated roots in our
      diet. Perhaps humans biggest evolutionary achievement is that we are so
      adaptable. We are good generalists. This allowed us to spread to nearly
      every corner of the world, in all climates, with many different diets. More
      than anything, humans are, and have been for a while now, OMNIVORES. You
      said our GI tract doesn’t look like a carnivores. Correct. But do we have 4
      stomachs, a rumen, do we chew our cud like a cow does? No, of course not.
      We have evolved to be generalists, to be omnivores. You can see it in our
      dentition. Eat a little of everything.

  15. Love is the answer. Thank you for sharing. bye now

  16. What’s the best approach to RA?

  17. hey I have lump by my lower left side right above the hip I to hospital
    because my back and stomach hurts like hell ever since I’ve had it they
    said I’m just constipated and I’m taking Mira lax and have used the
    bathroom but the lumps not going away

  18. 37:43 ”An acid medium creates an aniotic environment, and an alkaline a
    cationic environment”?
    If it’s true why our bodies are negatively charged?
    Why it’s good to ground our feet to the earth?
    These are negative charged states

  19. Gabriella Homolya // 13th July 2016 at 4:10 am //

    what do you mean stop creating?!

  20. 33:00 , Benedict WHO ?

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