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14 Comments on Questions 114 Part 2 – Brain Damage, Kidney Failure, Liver & Fruits

  1. Sodium potassium explanation is helpful for practitioners is very helpful. Thank you! Love love

  2. Best health info I have come across!!!!!! Deep gratitude to all of you for your devotion to sharing this and offering help to people in all sorts of situations. Would love to be a conduit to provide you financial support. Will speak to my Angels. I’m sure it will come in some form as there is so much Heart power with you. :)))

  3. class in less than a week. woohooooooooooooo

  4. YEAH TO BABEANDEARL!!!!!!!!!!!! OUT OF THE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a cheering section!!! Would love to see you in person with Dr M sometime. Do you ever visit him?

  5. Dr. Morse, I have been testing the pH of water for some time now and have found that most R/O systems produce an acidic water after extracting out all minerals and contaminants. Even the best home R/O systems use four gallons of water for every one gallon produced. Have you heard of Kangen water ionizers from Japan? What’s your opinion of them? I use different pH waters, (2.5-11.5) for everything from drinking to cleaning produce to disinfecting the whole house all naturally with tap water!

  6. Create a video response or Post

    Are babe and earl documenting this juice fast. I would love to know more.

  7. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 18th April 2012 at 1:02 pm //

    its hard to feel down if we have an unstoppably positive mind filled with gratitude and seeing the mystery and magic in things!

    in the absence of resistance, there is no problem, only a situation to be dealt with 🙂 ~

  8. Thank you he has seen both!

  9. As well as making your own glandulars, have you considered bringing out a burns salve? One with Burdock leaf in it perhaps?

  10. Healthygreenwater // 22nd May 2012 at 6:57 am //

    Thanks for the information, I will have to check out some of his older videos. I’m just not sure why Dr. Morse is still drinking acidic R/O water. He is going against the alkalinity that he preaches here. Not sure if he has tested the pH of his house water, but I find most R/O systems produce an acidic dead water then sometimes they will add minerals back into the final product. Additionally, the four to one ratio of wasted water to drinkable water is ridiculous considering our limited water.

  11. Give glucose to a type 2 diabetic and their blood sugar remains high? Have you not seen Walter Kempner’s diet that cured type 2 with refined sugar? That’s a well known study done back in the 40’s. Or am I missing what you said?

  12. LmAo “this guy is definitely smoking something in the back room… better yet he’s injecting something” hahhhaaaa

  13. exactly…….and if you use Dawson Church Ecomeditation every day pairing energy healing with all this you will not only heal but you will want to share. I am really surprised how naive people are about the medical field, you are truly funny! Thank you for your great work!

  14. Fruits bad for the liver? Lol

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