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Questions & Answers 226 – Toxins, Digestion, GI Health, Kidney Regeneration.

Questions & Answers 226

01:30 – Abhz — I am asking this question on behalf of someone I met. He followed a raw vegan diet, done water fasting with correct refeeding, etc. and ended up worse off in that I went from having adrenal fatigue to full blown ME/CFS. He now can't tolerate many starches or sugars and therefore have to turn to animal foods as even oats etc leave him worse off. What would you recommend for him?

08:19 – Vivian — 1) Someone asked on the Facebook fan page if it is pointless to detoxify other organs if your kidneys aren't filtering? Would not the toxins just keep circulating in the blood? 2) How exactly does protein (or amino acids) affect the kidneys? And how much protein in grams would you consider to be too much to consume in a day? 3) What are your thoughts on leaky gut? 4) If fruits are harvested when they are not ripe, do they become acidic? 5) Can you get eye damage from sun exposure and 6) Would sleeping at night with my window open, allowing the room to become very cold, cause my body to undergo a detox? Is getting a cold really just detoxification?

22:57 – Martin – If I eat only fruits and take vegan PEA protein powder, and lymph cleansing herbs, would I be able to clean the lymph as if I ate only fruits? Do you think that the vegetable PEA would not allow it to happen?

25:06 – Gwen — Can you speak to why fruits go through me so quickly? I have a lot of orange in my eyes and have been working on removal of it. I don't digest almost all vegetables. I'd like to step up to all fruit, but have so much difficulty digesting it.

34:57 – Andreas — I'd like to ask you a few questions regarding GI health. I'm trying to iron out a fair few problems at the moment regarding all you favorite areas of the human body, adrenal fatigue, aching kidney's, brain fog, etc… My bowel movements despite eating less and being raw are still irregular. Sometimes going twice but usually skipping days. Regarding mucoid plaque, in your opinion, are those long rubbery ropes which people pass actual mucous or are they the psyllium?

54:58 – Unknown — Dr. Morse, can you give me your top 6 kidney herbs for regeneration? Your maximum safe recommended dosage of iodine through kelp in Mcg? And to pop a pituitary back up how many do you do a day and for how many months?

24 Comments on Questions & Answers 226 – Toxins, Digestion, GI Health, Kidney Regeneration.

  1. I’ve learned so much from Dr. Morse’s videos. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

  2. awesome, one ! keep it up Dr Morse !

  3. Another video! you’re on fire Doc. Thank you so much for making them for us hwo want to listen and watch you talk to us.

  4. Dr Morse is the man, I have to somewhat disagree with the sun gazing as most people have not a clue how to do it, you can only stare at the sun within one hour of sunrise and one hour to sunset. and you have to be grounded into the earth barefooted and you start with 10 seconds and move up. It works.

    • I think it does have some benefits, but going too high can have negative effects. I suspect those with backed up lymph will cause problems as the sun might cook that lymph into your system. I also suspect that the major damage and risk from sunburn come from sunburned clogged lymph.

    • I always started by turning my head to the sun and focusing my eyes on the spot the sun will be before opening them. I don’t do it often anymore as I got a bad zinc deficiency and my zinc levels are still not optimal since I’m lazy with supplements, and so the glare is uncomfortable and dangerous for me now. For a few years I was able to do 40 blissful minutes with no damage to my eyes.

  5. 20:01 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sending you lots of love back.
    Great videos!

  7. I love you!!!

  8. Yes, half the people are going wacko, you are right Dr. Morse. I really think it’s accelerating too! Scarey!
      But we WILL change the consciousness of the world!

  9. you make me giggle:) haha

  10. Every 90 days, we have new blood, Every 11 months, we have new cells; and Every 2 years, we have new
    bones. The health of our body tissues is based on what we use to nourish and build them. Nothing runs better than the fuel
    it uses. Vegetables, fruits &  Herbs ….Our Heritage 

  11. Do they ship these herbal formulas to the uk

  12. Good video, one of his best, A+ ending.

  13. This guy loves his job, and it shows. And his commitment to well being and I am a new fan. Keep making these videos, they rock!

  14. how do you clean your lymphatic system and filter kidneys?

  15. Hi Dr. Morse,
    I have been watching your videos for a while now and I really thank you for the motivation and all strengths given by your words. My father is fighting kidney failure (on dialysis) and after all research which I can do until now. I found few things most suitable to boost vitals and I am still on the path to reach a certain goal.

    1 – Early morning start with Wheat grass juice and Type B Indian cow urine 10ml and followed by the lemon juice. Lemon Juice (2 each time) with some water and honey in it. Lemon juice 4 times each day.
    2 – Coconut water each day by 4:30 pm.
    3 – Papaya fruit each day in morning and min 100g each day.
    4 – Oranges, Mausami, Dhania leaves can be taken, but depends on condition.
    5 – Ginger and other oil massage and different rotatory clockwise massage over kidneys and abdominal intestines.
    6 – Some herbs each 2 grams mixed and make paste – Neem, Pipal, Hiduba ( Chicory )

    There are many more steps I have been doing, his dialysis need is decreasing. Apart from this one of the main step is Reportrised Homeopathy Medicine thru Hair Transmission (Sahani Effect) – This is very important which helps in difficult situations which in day to day basis for CKD patients. Dialysis if needed.

    I would like to send you his eye picture and would like to know your views.

    Thank you.

  16. can u eat oatmeal

  17. Sungazing is a real practice. What happens is people don’t do it correctly.

  18. More people need to get into this knowledge. You’ve really broken down the lymphatic system, as well as the paths of detoxification.

  19. Dr morse deserves a nobel prize in every category

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