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  1. Where is the best place to buy Dr.Morse formulas in the UK ?

  2. Is’nt oregano oil very effective with regards to killing fungus ?

  3. great video ! Keep spreading the TRUTH !

  4. Always great information..thanks

  5. Some of us are air-signs,Dr Morse, and it isnt that we require an intellectual approach…its that some of us paint with words when we communicate what we know to other people 😀 I like keeping it simple,too. But it can be so fun to dig in and know the processes!

  6. I was Estrogen for years, and was literally losing my damned mind. 

  7. Some times, well, a lot of the times ” food ” makes me feel bad and some times I have reactions to the foods. My heart will start beating fast or I’ll get dizzy or I’ll get chills down my spine. What in the world is going on ?! HELP

    • You’re probably experiencing healing crises. But if the symptoms worry you, I will recommend either calling the clinic or posting your story on “fans of Dr Morse” on facebook. A lot of people to help you out! Are you a member of that group?

  8. how did Dr. Morse get quinine poisoning?

  9. Hmm, interesting. Raw for 5 years, no sign of any new taunsils 🙂 I will expect that now!! 😀 (y)

  10. Fantastik video! This is so good and so important. T h a n k  Y o u!  Well done! So much love to You and everyone helping others get well 🙂

  11. I LOVE this guy but its like the emperor’s suit of clothes, why is he fat?  Male breasts are usually a sign of rich diets.  I worked for a liposuction surgeon who was vegan, health advocate and exercise guru,  before it was all so trendy.  He specialized in removing male breasts as a specialty and he attributed this to a rich diet.  We gave people vegetarian/vegan style diets so the fat would not come back.  But this is sad, a man so gifted and knowledgeable who is eating too much????

  12. Hi Su … this guy is a great alternative to CTC but he does get fired up so maybe not to sleep by … i did listen last night.  He is brilliant and confrontational.  Robert Morse in Sarasota, FL BIG following; however I wrote a comment about his being overweight … if you can get past his NY style of in your face bordering obnoxious he blows the whistle on all western medicine corruptions and he is not at all hateful, very knowledgeable.  Some raw people I follow use him as their doctor.  I think he is naturopath for 50 years.  But he is really hard to take.  At 1 hour 40 minutes mile marker it gets better.  Ironically he is very humble but a renaissance man who appreciates talent, spirituality, love and is not caught up in science.  Talks at 1 hour 44 about breasts/estrogen stuff.  I am going to LISTEN to all his you tube videos … wish I could download onto itunes but don’t know how.  See if you can get past his style to the message.

  13. So funny to hear Doctor Morse mention Def Leppard and Kiss, two bands I used to listen to a lot when I was young. Also While my guitar gently weeps is one my favourite Beatles songs. Great! I can’t thank Dr Morse enough for his videos and generosity. Blessings to all here.

  14. Wish i could rate!
    Thumbs up to your excitement
    Dr. Morse.

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