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Questions & Answers 291 – Tessier Cleft, Chinese Medicine, Salivary Gland Stone

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14:08 – Jenn – Where to begin. Firstly let me say I’m so grateful to find you while you are still fighting the fight. LOVE your YouTube videos. You are a precious wealth of knowledge. Thank you for all that you do.

46:14 – David – Hi Dr Morse! Thank you for all the information over the years. Currently I am in a dilemma. After getting into the fruits and herbs I am now unsure about raw foods as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) says raw foods are bad and also Ayurveda seems to say raw foods are not good for my constitution. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you kindly.

52:00 – Terminatord4 – I had a stone in my salivary gland a few years back, I passed it and thought nothing of it. Now years later I got another stone. This one did't come out so easy and took a LONG time to pass. Then I get another stone and it won't come out. I ended up getting a pretty nasty infection and went to the hospital for antibiotics. After the swelling went down I passed another stone but can tell that there are still more stones in the gland. I believe these stones are in the submanbular gland underneath my tongue. I pass them thru a hole in the bottom of my mouth. I have been sucking on lemons and drinking lemon juice to try and help pass them.

01:05:00 – Diana – Thank you so much for the videos and all the effort you put into helping others. Incredible amount of energy and love. The youtube channel is like a gold mine 🙂 I appreciate all the videos and always looking forward to the next one, even if there is something I have already heard, your words make me feel so good and happy and lift me up when I get lazy about the diet and detox. Personally, I have had great results on the raw diet, got rid of terrible migraines, and my nerves calmed down a lot, as if I was a different person, which is good considering I used to be a real dragon. I'll be always grateful for all the knowledge I learned from you and try spread it as much as I can. Now I am trying to help my brother, who is 39. And I hope perhaps you could include his case in one of the videos please? He had a root canal many many years ago on the top left side. Then about 3 years ago, he had nasal polyps, so he had a scan and they found that when the root canal was done, they went too much up into the bone and that is a possible irritation, causing constant inflammation. He feels too warm all the time. And I can smell on his breath, that something is not right. A couple of years ago, I noticed, that his right eye is much more bulging then before and is a bit disorientated, I mean when I look at him, it just looks asymmetric, just looks a bit 'wrong' Doctors of course can not find anything, he had his thyroid checked, the eye has been seen by the eye doctor, but she says she couldn't see anything. It looks it's getting worse, the eye lids are red and feels heavy, and painful and tired. And they don't open completely, again, the right eye is worse. He is not convinced that this is caused by the root canal that went too high up, because it was on the left side, but I told him he has to think of his body as a whole, where anything can effect everything else. So finally the tooth was removed months ago, but his condition hasn't improved, the eye feels painful and tired all the time. + Additional Questions.

01:30:58 – A’oi – Is it possible to detox sociopathy & Emotional detachment? (Just Curious.)

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  1. I appreciate you and your existence and I’m glad you’re alive and sharing with us . Thank you very much  Dr. Morse

  2. Love you Dr. Morse.

  3. Real TCM doesnt exist in America, and is rare these days even in China. The way it’s taught in schools is not wholistic, and doesn’t look to nature like the old ways. 

  4. Welcome Back,Missed you lots!

  5. All is now right in the world. So glad your back. Hugs & love to Doc and staff.

  6. Glad you are back up….You are the real deal …

  7. Another Amazing Video! My gosh, we love you so much and support you. Thank you for being you! <3

  8. We both commented on Connecuticut’s human rights abuse.  I compared it to the attack on Charlie Hebdo.  The attack on free speech is worse than just mass murder, and Connecuticut’s abuse is arguably as bad as the attack on Charlie.  The Islamic extremist terrorists want to control our minds, and Connecuticut wants to control our bodies.  Both are murder and who’s to say if the body control is better than the mind control and vice versa. 

  9. Yay your back.xx

  10. Thank You for All You Do! We are Truly Lucky an So Very Blessed that You’re here on this Planet to Teach Your Knowledge! The World is a Better Place with You Here! Thank You, Dr. Morse! Love You * God Bless You *

  11. No other like you Dr Morse!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! 😀 

  12. Another great video. Thank you Doc and God bless you.

  13. How do you know if you have aluminum free baking soda?

    • +NaturalyNathan i get mine from even got a buddy to test it and had zero trace elements of aluminum but if you cant order online for whatever reason your best bet is to get a brand that labels it like red mills which can be found in most supermarkets.

  14. Thanks for fighting against Youtube. That probably saved my life. I may have found you after the take downs. Thank you so much for being a warrior for the light.

  15. greetings, I have a 3 year old with a blocked saliva gland under his tongue, that is getting bigger, the dr says too remove the gland or remove the access,we are vegetarians, we est pretty good plenty fruits. what to do?

  16. greetings, I have a 3 year old with a blocked gland under his younger dr says we could remove gland or the agreed. we are vegetarians we probably could eat better. what to do?

  17. Dr. Morse is the Mark Twain of herbal medicine.

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