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Questions to Dr. Morse 106 Part 10

Questions to Dr. Morse 106 Part 10

-Response to Lisa
-Detox & Cravings
-Plant Consciousness
-Congrats Rita
-Flat Feet
-Sexual Aspect of Raw
-Coffee Enemas
-Food Allergies
-Cholesterol Production
-Loolooleslie's Symptoms & Why
-Indian Food
-Astral Projection
-Skin Issues
-Burning Stools
-The Meat Issue & Omnivores Vs Homosapians
-Detoxing While Breast Feeding
-Thyroid Nodules & Severe Pain
-Brandon Fox & Body Building
-Hawthorn Berry Fruit
-Hair growth
-Illusion of Creation
-Prevent Gastric Bypass Surgery
-Lump in Throat
-Baby & 7 Month Fruit Fast
-Tooth Pain & Swollen Saliva Gland
-Lupus & Thyroid
-Comfrey Root & Leaf
-Brain Tumors
-Symptoms of Doom
-Lymph Node Remove/Face
-Parasite Kill
-Adrenal Glandulars
-19 Year Old Athlete
-Pain Lower Left Side
-Bloated Belly on Fruit
-Emotional Detox
-Visual Snow
-Mucus Problems

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5 Comments on Questions to Dr. Morse 106 Part 10

  1. H Dr. Morse, not that it necessarily matters… “is it true, is it kind, is it necessary” from the satsangs I have heard is a quote from Sant Kirpal Singh.

  2. This made me curious to find the origin of this idea. It has been used and attributed to many different people and philosophies in more modern times, but actually seems to come from much older realms of Buddhist and Hindu philosophies. Don’t think we will find The first time, but it is one of those ideas that is truly timeless and that lives in our hearts, which is why it resonates so strongly. :))

  3. I got the same type of symptoms last week when (after fart-assing around on 80% raw for the past few months) I finally went 100% fruit, herbs and salads. However it was just for a couple of days, then a day off , and back and forth. After two days I had a rash on the top of my right foot. I could not believe just how quick my body responded to 100% raw plants.

  4. you go girl! Hope you progressed on your path 🙂 sending love

  5. open to honey and occasional raw meat treat despite being all for near 100% fruit?
    my kinda guy

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