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Questions to Dr. Morse 106 Part 12

Questions to Dr. Morse 106 Part 12

-Response to Lisa
-Detox & Cravings
-Plant Consciousness
-Congrats Rita
-Flat Feet
-Sexual Aspect of Raw
-Coffee Enemas
-Food Allergies
-Cholesterol Production
-Loolooleslie's Symptoms & Why
-Indian Food
-Astral Projection
-Skin Issues
-Burning Stools
-The Meat Issue & Omnivores Vs Homosapians
-Detoxing While Breast Feeding
-Thyroid Nodules & Severe Pain
-Brandon Fox & Body Building
-Hawthorn Berry Fruit
-Hair growth
-Illusion of Creation
-Prevent Gastric Bypass Surgery
-Lump in Throat
-Baby & 7 Month Fruit Fast
-Tooth Pain & Swollen Saliva Gland
-Lupus & Thyroid
-Comfrey Root & Leaf
-Brain Tumors
-Symptoms of Doom
-Lymph Node Remove/Face
-Parasite Kill
-Adrenal Glandulars
-19 Year Old Athlete
-Pain Lower Left Side
-Bloated Belly on Fruit
-Emotional Detox
-Visual Snow
-Mucus Problems

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9 Comments on Questions to Dr. Morse 106 Part 12

  1. Will you be filming your April class? I would love to have a copy as I am unable to go. Thank you Dr. Morse for all that you do for us <3

  2. Oh, and of course, I’d be happy to pay for it like a DVD class. Don’t mean to imply that you would post on YouTube. I just think this class will be especially important as you’re mixing it up a bit with more emphasis towards diagnosis. I’d go if I could, but I’ve got too many things going on right now. Bless you, Dr. Morse 🙂

  3. He’s planning on filming it yes 🙂

  4. Hey Healer! You may be too busy to see it clearly, but it is all changing on the planet and that change is accelerating. It is not ALL your fault – but you are doing more than your share. Thank you!

  5. Observer Times 10

  6. Is there an October class? I thought I had heard that on Facebook. Just wanted to check. 🙂

  7. Really appreciate that you do make these videos for us.

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