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Questions to Dr. Morse 106 Part 20

Questions to Dr. Morse 106 Part 20

-Response to Lisa
-Detox & Cravings
-Plant Consciousness
-Congrats Rita
-Flat Feet
-Sexual Aspect of Raw
-Coffee Enemas
-Food Allergies
-Cholesterol Production
-Loolooleslie's Symptoms & Why
-Indian Food
-Astral Projection
-Skin Issues
-Burning Stools
-The Meat Issue & Omnivores Vs Homosapians
-Detoxing While Breast Feeding
-Thyroid Nodules & Severe Pain
-Brandon Fox & Body Building
-Hawthorn Berry Fruit
-Hair growth
-Illusion of Creation
-Prevent Gastric Bypass Surgery
-Lump in Throat
-Baby & 7 Month Fruit Fast
-Tooth Pain & Swollen Saliva Gland
-Lupus & Thyroid
-Comfrey Root & Leaf
-Brain Tumors
-Symptoms of Doom
-Lymph Node Remove/Face
-Parasite Kill
-Adrenal Glandulars
-19 Year Old Athlete
-Pain Lower Left Side
-Bloated Belly on Fruit
-Emotional Detox
-Visual Snow
-Mucus Problems

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11 Comments on Questions to Dr. Morse 106 Part 20

  1. Dear Dr. Morse: My daughter is building an Ayahuasca healing center in South America, she is wanting to dedicate some land to building an herbal garden. What herbs would you suggest are the most beneficial and would they grow in a tropical climate. Or are there any books you could recommend about growing herbs? I am currently on your detox kit; week 1/2 – and immediately began coughing up mucous 🙂 thanks for everything you do, I hope this finds you well ~ Light and Love

  2. i love your videos!!

  3. can’t wait for the next video!!

  4. Dr. Morse -3 last week I called into your office and talked with Drew about some extreme head pressure I had and ended up in the ER to get a ct scan (I ended up feeling like I was drowning on the inside and pressure was intense and insane I blacked out) the ct scan showed no swelling of my brain and no brain infections (I have 2 shunts in back and I in head) I didn’t want to have another brain surgery so I called in to talk to a counselor and I got Drew-3 I am now on Upper circ, brain and nerv,

  5. maybe you should check if you have any spinal misalignment problems lot of these problems can be caused by it..Go to a chiropracter to check it´s just a sugestion. Hope you find the cause

  6. Re that “little, here & there, depending on what survival needs are”. Back when I studied some TCM they said traditionally the Chinese only ate meat to the level that you’d use a condiment on any one of your regular meals. The common staple fare of China is informed by Traditional Chinese Medicine just like classic Indian cuisine is informed thru Ayurveda.

  7. Gynostemma and Cannabis.

  8. Thanks Babe, I’ll check it out.

  9. “Get their heads out of our asses” – LOL!

    Good take on the Comfrey. I was going to ask something along those lines, like how much is safe to take at a time/in a day, as I recently bought a little Comfrey plant and will grow it up to make fresh juice from the leaves.

  10. I loved these videos, thank you so much for your precious time dr Morse ….;)

  11. I gotta go build a deck!!!

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