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Questions to Dr. Morse 107 Part 1

In This Video:

Questions to Dr. Morse 107 Part 1

– Insomnia/Pineal Gland
– RA
– Anti Vaccine
– Brain Tumor
– Blood Analysis
– Parallel Universes
– Water Fasting with Weak Adrenals

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20 Comments on Questions to Dr. Morse 107 Part 1

  1. So appreciate you!! I asked about the “Anismus” (constipation b/c colon tightens rather than relaxes). I am getting “brain and nerve” formula. i think i am too uptight, any suggestions on how i can be more relaxed/free 🙂 . What can i do about varicose veins in the legs (below knees/back) that have developed & internal hemorrhoids that can prolapse?can this ever reverse? I am in mid 30s!

  2. A great way to stimulate the Pineal Gland is to Sungaze. Personally I found it really awakens the 3rd eye.

  3. You are so beautiful Sir 😀 Thank you so very much for this stuff! Vital material and you are so wise for sharing it the way that you do. Many Blessings to you, Summer

  4. yeaaahhhaa, new videos!! thank you so much for doing this..
    a few years ago, my husband stayed at the SRF ashram in escondido that used to be dr. jensen’s sanatorium.. there were still some books in the library, that’s how we got the books and i read them all 😉 i always thought it would be nice to find someone who worked with dr. jensen.. here we go, i am so glad to find you/your videos! xx kim

  5. Where do we ask questions?

  6. On Robert Morse’s page, the comment section.

  7. How long does it take?

  8. Depends on who you talk to and what protocol you follow. My advice would be to follow Hira Ratan Manek’s protocol. Sungaze in the last or first hour of the sun in the ski to avoid heavy UV rays (when you view a low sun the earths atomsphere and gravity takes the higher energy rays out). Start with 10 seconds, then increase by another 10 seconds everyday until you reach 45 minutes and then your done. You can do it as you see fit after that. I’m currently at 5 minutes.

  9. Gravity doesn’t take out high energy sun light.

  10. Deflects high energy particles so i read. I think it might be the magnetic field actually. I’ll have to read up on the reports again. If the sun is high in the sky then gravity just pulls the patiles toward the grownd faster, but at an angle the gravity is below you and drags high energy particles down before they reach your eyes. I don’t think UV energy can be effected by gravity since its waves. I’ll read up and get back to you.

  11. It’s not gravity, but angle of incidence of the sun’s rays to the surface. At either sunrise or sunset the sun’s rays travel at an angle that takes them thru the most atmosphere before hitting the surface & your eyes, if you’re looking

  12. Yes.

  13. I’ll save you the trouble. It depends on if your talking about UV light or charged particles from solar winds. With charged particles, the Earth’s magnetic field deflects most of them before they can enter the Earth’s atmosphere. UV rays on the other hand, like all light, isn’t affected by the Earth’s magnetic field. When the Sun is low in the sky, the UV has to travel through more sky to reach the ground, so more of it is absorbed in the atmosphere. Light is affected by gravity.

  14. T|hats more or less. i got Gravity and Magnetics mixed up. You gravity don’t effect light much though. Only in very very heavy objects like stars, neutron stars and black holes etc light gets effected much.

  15. Its the photons you need in order to active the pineal gland. The sun generates all optical light so you get all kinds of energy from it. Modern science and docters would say its not true, but I invite them to sungaze and experience it for themselves.

  16. Light gets affected by gravity exactly the same as everything else. Light beams will “fall” to the Earth’s surface at the same speed as a rock, if they are projected parallel to the ground. It only seems like light isn’t affected the same way because it travel so fast, the effect is not noticeable.

  17. Does this mean that ORMUS would be good for the pineal gland, as it relays information through photons?

  18. Perhaps. i’ve not heard of that before. Best ask Dr Morse.

  19. Another excellent video, Dr Morse. Thankyou for sharing this knowledge with me.

  20. Love it when you laugh!

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