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Questions to Dr. Morse 107 Part 2

In This Video:

Questions to Dr. Morse 107 Part 2

– Insomnia/Pineal Gland
– RA
– Anti Vaccine
– Brain Tumor
– Blood Analysis
– Parallel Universes
– Water Fasting with Weak Adrenals

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10 Comments on Questions to Dr. Morse 107 Part 2

  1. question about menstrual cycles. rumor is that the cleaner you are (high fruits/raw) you will not have periods anymore and that is healthy. Really? I thought we should always cycle until menopause. If one stops cycling on raw foods, what can they do to regain cycles?

  2. Thanks for answering my question, I already do ear candles and will do and I plan to do detox even more, too bad I can not use your herbs but I will do what I can here. Love to you, Bo xx

  3. Watching dr. Morse sipping on some chicory root “tea”!! String ready to crack open a watermelon.

  4. “”getting ” ready….lol. Not string.

  5. The U.S. CONstitution was a fraud from its creation and guaranteed no one anything. We have never had CONstitutional rights. We have human rights violated day and night by bullies, force and threat.

  6. how long were you on the grapes before you experienced this?

  7. does any one know much about orange and grape fruits for fasting? are they good detoxifiers, i can’t afford grapes right now but can really tear up a long term citrus fast for the money.

  8. Yah Doc, that’s why we need to get into permaculture agriculture, using polyculture (“companion planting” & generally planting a diversity of crops, instead of planting all your food plants in a row like sitting ducks waiting to get mowed down by pests. Plus the decay of the diversity underground enriches the soil, enriching the food) so to mimic wild. Yes, harvest isn’t streamlined, more like wildcrafting. Call it feral farming. Plus we dont have to deforest to grow food. oops, another topic

  9. thanks Dr Morse

  10. the part on insomnia was really insightfull dr morse. thanks!

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