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Questions to Dr. Morse 108 Part 3 – Testicle Glandular – Detox Pain – Connective Tissue & More

In This Video:

Questions to Dr. Morse 108 Part 3

– Our First year
– Thanks to All of You!
– PDT Therapy for Cancer
– Testicle Glandular
– New Detox Class Starting
– Detox Pain
– Bird Response
– Connective Tissue Issues
– Hunger After Fruit
– Healing Power of Spices
– PH of Honey
– Dried Fruit
– Storing Food
– Strong & Week Constitution.

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12 Comments on Questions to Dr. Morse 108 Part 3 – Testicle Glandular – Detox Pain – Connective Tissue & More

  1. i want to go to the city of jewels NOW!

  2. You sell the herbs but dont know what a dandiilon is !?! Just joking but I am coming back to your videos after fasting etc hasnt helped . Maybe ill just go straight to the source and see if you can really help me.

  3. Big meals stretch the stomach out, & steady big meals keep it stretched out longer after the taking of large square meals has stopped. The big gaping emptiness left after digestion heightens the hunger pangs.The person who said they felt hungry too soon after eating fruit could shift from eating “square meals” to grazing. Fruit is pretty easy to eat on the go and digests quickly & easily. Maybe we just need to break the spell those pangs have on us, cuz they’re not real hunger signals anyway

  4. LOL …. its the Truth tho! FOR REAL! :)))

  5. Dr. Morse, when you mentioned bringing up parathyroid, which herbs formula do you suggest? I see that you have Endocrine Gland and Thyroid, but there is no specific herb formula for parathyroid. Do you have other recommendation?

  6. OpenMindedGoddess // 4th April 2012 at 6:53 am //

    Hello ,

    Can Keloids/Scar tissue go away? Will the skin herbs work for that?

  7. Your herbs are healping so much . SO I ordered a few more but got 2 of the same orders….Not sure how it happen…But now I have 2 adrenal 2 nerve and brain and 2 muscle pain, but I only wanted 1 of each hope I can send them back not sure how this happen……Love your vids…

  8. MotherNatureHeals // 6th April 2012 at 2:03 pm //

    Dr. Morse, the eye you showed for a weak constitution is a BLUE eye? Are there no true hazel eyes only brown or blue?

  9. @MotherNatureHeals the ‘brown’ eye will have a rim of blue if it’s a true blue eye. These people may be born with blue eyes that turn brown. But there are true brown eyes too.

  10. Dr. look great in Yellow!!! 🙂 I love you

  11. Please stay carried away and carry on with these videos, I love them and thank you for your time and patience with us and especially those who are not ready to join this journey. I need to listen and watch them over and over until I relearn the truth over the S.A.D. which was literally shoved down my throat for 50 plus years. lol

  12. 4:00 connective tissue issues

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