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Questions to Dr. Morse 109 Part 1 – Parathyroid, Tender Headedness, Glaucoma

In This Video:

– Parathyroid
– Tender Headedness
– Psychics
– Pressure in Eyes (Glaucoma)
– HCL & Digestive Enzymes
– Stinging Nettle For Kidneys & Adrenals
– Eyes of Derek

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21 Comments on Questions to Dr. Morse 109 Part 1 – Parathyroid, Tender Headedness, Glaucoma

  1. Dr. Morse thank you for all the wonderful information!! Since birth I get fluid filled lumps behind my left ear, suffer from constant headache, and pressure in the ears. Eating 80 percent fruit diet for about 4 weeks, what herbs could you suggest to help? Have major tummy problems and now fighting insomnia. Thank you for your help and guidance. Can’t wait to have health:)

  2. He IS the best!!! Nothing but love for Dr. Morse 🙂

  3. Cliffhanger…w/be checking for next vid before breakfast.

  4. PLZ HELP! Started to eat only fruit and veg, but still having, “Feeling of doom(knowing somethings wrong and think I’m going to die), blood pressure/pulse sometimes shoot up, gotta lay down almost all day or these episodes of where I can’t move my body except for my feet(the body is frozen), stiff and any small movement bones crack, sometimes I get really cold when this occurs. All day my lower back hurts, sometimes my chest and my heart/breathing is irregular. PLZ HELP!

  5. Oh yea! Also! The docs couldn’t find anything they thought it might be carcinoid/pheocrhomcytoma, now they’re saying it’s anxiety.

    I’m fainty all day and get random pain everywhere and my breathing/heart is all out of wack. Also a lot of teeth hurt!!! And it’s all day!!! And haven’t been able to go to the dentist ‘cuz of all the crazy episode/pain/fainty feelings I get.

  6. Oh yeah! My stomache! Has been killing me!!!!! I get super dizzy/fainty and I have to constantly use the restroom #1 and #2.

  7. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 6th April 2012 at 11:39 am //

    hahahaha and we wait in suspense 😀

  8. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 6th April 2012 at 11:40 am //

    hahahaa ! :)D

  9. @leronk – I have a friend in France that found a good shipping rate at hearkenherbs on the interenet for when you get home? If you have time you can order them from Dr. Morse and get them express shipped. 🙂

  10. Hello Dr.Morse, I am curious about green smoothies, I love spinach,mango and banana, but in your book it is not recommended to mix veggies and fruits. So I am not sure if it ok to drink green smoothies. And what about green juices, as I always put an apples to my veggie juice. Could you please just mention shortly what is your thoughts about it. Thank you!!! looking forward to our talk end of may. LOVE!

  11. Robert is spot on regarding the psychics and living in the Now… the issue of bad readings is why I like Tarot [and Astrology] because the drawing of cards by the querent [questioner] is not so influenced by the reader.. and if they explain the cards according to a written system then you can really be sure that the reader is not just plucking it out of a dark space on a whim. That is the advantage of codified systems of divination. Kinda mechanistic but then so are so most people!!

  12. as for killing humans the question could be : who dies?
    another question could be : if extensive precognition occurs, with hours of future perfectly seen in precise high-resolution detail months or years before, then what of freewill? 😀 what of karma? whose karma? just asking ;D 😀

  13. You can have the shoes, I’ll take that mango! LOL
    Actually, I just found the good doctor, hope he wants to stay around for a while yet. :)))

  14. Don’t know Tucson, but their pharmacy has a good mailing service if you have an address where you can ship to and pick them up there. Enjoy your visit. :)))

  15. The food combining thing seems mostly if not all about how different types of foods digest at different rates. Natalie Rose, in her book, Raw Food Detox, speaks in terms of “quick exit foods” & “quick exit combinations”.

  16. …oops, i didn’t mean to finish: I ate/drank green smoothies for a long time. Now with more fruit intake I don’t so much any more. They seemed to sit in my stomach too long. Perhaps it was cuz I would make them too big & drank too much, or made them too complex, supplemental ingredient wise. Now I tend to juice my vegies more & keep my smoothies & only or mostly fresh fruit. I think this last thing i said would be the protocol here for detox & healing, if that’s what u r after

  17. how does the ear candle treatment work? anybody know?

  18. You’re so right Dr.Morse i healed myself and now all i want to do is heal others !!
    After 10+ years of suffering form alcoholism and deep suicidal depression i found freedom in the raw foods and in particular juices. Results in 3 months, cure at a basic level in 12 months.
    I’ve been juicing and eating wholefoods for 4 years and feel better and better. I have ran marathon and finished third and i would like to do Ironman 70.3 this year !

  19. Do you have any suggestions to help with body odor on the way to a sweet fruit smelling body. Someone suggestion washing armpit area with hydrogen peroxide…sounds crazy, but thought I’d ask. I work in close quarters with others.

  20. I am on a 100% raw vegan diet, but I have optic nerve damage from glaucoma, what can I do to reverse that damage? Thank you and God bless

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