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Re-uploaded Questions 111 Part 4

In This Video:

– Healing Crisis
– Chronic Sinuses/Dandruff
– Capsules or Tinctures
– Cavities & Root Canals
– Sore knees & Hips
– Gas After Eating
– Liver Gallbladder Flush
– Algae's
– Osteopathy
– Alcohol in Formulas
– Calories
– 7 Year Old Scoliosis
– Diabetes

Dr. Morse Herbal Health Club

3 Comments on Re-uploaded Questions 111 Part 4

  1. Dr morse for the win

  2. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 13th April 2012 at 8:57 pm //

    one of eckharts most powerful quotes:

    “dont try to be in any other state than the one you are in now” ~ Eckhart Tolle…

    giving up the struggle with what is, relaxing and giving up the fight to escape an uncomfortable emotion or always be grasping for a better experience. just relax…! 😀 feel it all…. let go of always trying to control. its futile and exhausting.

    blessings ~

  3. Doc M, thanks for taking the time to do these videos! You are helping so many folks!

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