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Reuploaded: Q&A – 494 – Advanced Cases – Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis

03:46 – I'm 49 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2016, after being misdiagnosed with a bulging L5/S1 disc for a number of years prior to that. My primary symptoms are brain fog (I have two lesions on my brain and several on my C­ spine), fatigue, and neuropathy in my lower legs {more on the right than left side). The neuropathy makes me feel as though I have a balled up sock under my feet when I'm not wearing any footwear. My legs are also very heavy {I can't run at all), andmy balance is compromised. I am 51411 {I know, I know – pituitary and adrenal;) and about 155 pounds…

20:45 – I thank you first and foremost for what your doing to the world and to each individual that seeks help.Although my writing might sound like a broken record, the fact of the matter is the writer is worse as I'll probably take a few hours to write this. Around the time I was in elementary my health began to take a plunge.Every year getting worser and worser. Till this day I'm not sure how I managed to pass high school or even stay in seated for so long…

46:17 – I have cerebral palsy and I have been trying to reverse the symptoms . I have been watching your yt videos on health and I wanted to see about your herbs and what I can do to reverse it. I've been vegan for a year and a half I've been taking a liver detox and using essential oils and a colon cleanse. I need something that can remove ammonia and heavy metals from the brain I've been taking ginger essential oils to remove ammonia.I also have a metabolic condrition where i cant breakdown Trimethylamine and it caises body oder at times.

58:47 – Julio – Hi Dr. Morse! I have Multiple Sclerosis. I still have full function of my body, but want to tackle this. I'm on a strict grape/lemon diet – and will continue – trying intermittent dry fasting to jumpstart kidney filtration. I'm still not filtering after 2 weeks; am I being impatient? Heart palpitations, constipation, low libido. I'm not taking herbs, I'm a law student on a tight budget. What would you recommend? The spiritual rewards, I suspect, are around the corner.

01:01:56 – Sami – I suffered a TBI a year ago, and unfortunately had a seizure around 5 days after, and therefore l1m on lamotrigine every day and have been told I need to do so for five years, I'm a bit concerned as what's the natural remedy for healing brain trauma and nerve regeneration please, I have watched dan the liferegenerator on YouTube and he's suggested some raw fruit andjuice, in your opinion what would be a full protocol to heal this issue and stop any neurological issues?

01:10:26 – I was diagnosed with MS in 1997.Before I experienced extreme fatigue,bed wetting,numbness.Now I am 62 male feeling young,bedridden,urinary catheter,bedsores.Unable to stand up,walk,wright hand v.weak,left slightly better.I can't talk easily,sight weakening.I am staying in nursing home Warsaw­ Poland.I've been listening to you for 3y and I see your way of coming back to health as the only way.How can I get to Costa Rica Clinic please inform me.I trust you with all my Heart

01:16:05 – Lynn – I love your videos and they are helping me tremendously! Thank you! Also studying for level 1. My best friend's son is 15 and has Marfan•s Syndrome. I have researched your videos and not found any information in this area. Both parents are nurses and leary about herbs. They are switching to a mostly fruit diet with salad at night. He has problems with his heart valve and other connective tissue problems. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Also, the mom was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago

1:25:42 – Kevin – I am a 41 (soon to be 42) year old Caucasian male. My father passed away from ALS in 2016 and I'm starting to get scared I will be handed the same fate. I have been getting muscle twitches that don't seem to improve, but I also do not have any weakness that I can tell yet. I feel it will be a little difficult for me to determine weakness compared to most, because I have been lifting weights for 26yrs, which has included powerlifting and bodybuilding.

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  1. Yaaaay! Another Evening with the BEST HUMAN! XOXO THANKS SO MUCH!

  2. Made my day❤

  3. I’m on day 40 of a Raw juice feast!!!! I feel Awsome !!!!!

    Thank you Dr. Morse ❣️

  4. I think Morse should delve into the keto diet and look at the pros and cons on the whole fad.

    • ketosis is a metabolic stress. Only mainstream is preyed to look it as a healthy diet.

    • OK no been there done that, only made things worse
      All that only leads to fatty liver

      DR’s tell you to go on the keto diet so you can get sicker. I learned the hard way.

    • olivia psalms 37:4 Thankyou for sharing & sorry you suffered. I was looking into it as am desperate to heal after 22 years unwell..

    • M g dont follow diet fads and i get desperation. But dr morase is scamming you. You can not thrive on store bought fruit. Eat a BALANCED diet. Organic fruits and veggies. Organic California brown rice. Free range eggs once in a while. Grass fed beef here and there free range chicken. You will feel better . I did the fruit diet for months. You feel good initially but it fades after you become vitamin deficient. I WARN YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MAN. He is only using you to generate YouTube/herbal revenue. God bless you pray to find your answers

    • M g also do any exercise you can. Even if its just simple stretches. Get your blood flowing.

  5. Namaste <3

  6. Fruit and herbs are the answer for me. I wake up in the morning feeling so good these days as I juice my apples and eat my grapes and berries and blueberries.. I’m finally feeling normal! God bless you and your team for everything you do and your voice is so comforting to me x

  7. thank you

  8. Thank you! Deep love and appreciation!

  9. Just love this blessing of a man… He is a godsend…

  10. i love your channel but why not using some music in the background ?

  11. Hi there Dr Morse! Thanks for the video! I am having such a health crisis and have found your videos so helpful. Would you allow me to have a request: Maybe you could do a video like this one about LUPUS. I am a member of a support group and would love to share your ideas on this topic. It seems so complex to everyone, but I know you will simplify it! Thank you. – Much love

  12. Thoughts Create Reality As You Go Along // 28th February 2019 at 9:12 pm //

    I agree with everything Dr. Morse says but I think the biggest puzzle piece that him and others are missing are the importance of getting all the colors of the fruits in your diet. Dr. Morse promotes herbs for specific gland activation and though herbs are needed, the truly best thing to do would probably match your weak glands with the specific color they’re associated with and get those colors in a lot. Everything in nature and in healing is simple including the balance of colors in your body which metaphysically means more light in your body. People’s who are having trouble staying raw might want to think about getting all the colors in especially if they’re running into problems with filtration or whatever it is and it’s probably best to maybe dedicate each day to a different color of fruits. The most overlooked thing in health is the simplicity of the colors which are the most important thing because they create light which is what allows reality to manifest and be experienced. We gotta get back to the light to fully heal.

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