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17 Comments on Spirituality January 2020

  1. Was just eating an apple then this came on.

  2. Love you Dr. Morse!!!

  3. Is the deep state going to kill us this year?

  4. NEW MORSE VIDEO BABY BABY!!! And on my favorite topic nonetheless.

  5. looks like you have a Coronavirus

  6. Please do live classes. It is my dream to attend your class and meet you!!

  7. Jesus is the way!! JOHN 14:16 I am the way and the truth and life. No one comes to the FATHER except through me.

  8. The q&a video you just published is set to private. I asked a question. Please make it visible

  9. Can someone post the HU society link>? TIA!!!

  10. Consciousness equilibrium biological equilibrium not only minerals herbs fruits grounding polarizing biological equilibrium physical equilibrium most of your teachers don’t reach you still age with all the knowledge I like what you’re doing it’s great but being physically fit is part of equilibrium part of consciousness higher consciousness what is above is below the deeper you are grounded the further you reach out into the Stars without balance in all aspects physical by far biologically a caterpillar becomes a butterfly has he stopped halfway no without first generation knowledge how could Consciousness be reached imagine the lymph system full of electrical fluids electrical plants you cannot eat a crossbred plant which can contain starch I am lucky or maybe it’s my fate 80 year old orange trees oranges with seeds mandarins with seeds so many seeds nobody wants them the Seville Orange the most seeds the most electrical the most bitter I have no room for opinion the body is electrical well let’s question the more electrical higher consciousness that which doesn’t belong in the body can’t survive in an electrical environment building muscle with electrical plants breathing fasting reversing the damage in the cell walls keeping the body in cells alive stimulation your whole life less food less sleep the Mind plays tricks on all of us with knowledge and wisdom we can overcome the mind to travel outside the body the body better be biologically sound if not your Forever stay in darkness tricked by the mine reaching a created Cosmos is quite a dangerous practice higher consciousness is only acquired when you follow a cosmic law within you is a universe the cosmos billions to trillions of cells with a dim radiance born without first generation knowledge your soul is truly a bondage by the5 trained mind herbs that contain starch fruits plants are not part of the cosmic law it’s simple as that why I am in a place that has seasonal food bearing the most seeds you’ve ever seen eating only what is in season while it’s in season ripe from the Vine almost impossible in this world no one ever promised it to be easy love yourself enough to follow the cosmic law learn your eye map out the whole Temple if God didn’t create it if it is hybrid do not put it in your mouth including herbs that contain starch every Forest every continent the ocean has plants that carry keys to your consciousness

  11. New video on Corona censored? Went to watch and said it was private…

  12. in the 30s in the midwest…65 degrees would be heavenly

  13. Thank you Robert for caring and sharing, gracias :+))))

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