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22 Comments on Spirituality vs. disease vs. wellness, and Q&A

  1. Christians Natural Law Show // 21st September 2019 at 12:10 am //

    Thanks Roberto!

  2. Thank you for the new video, I needed it today.

  3. lol I never click so fast

  4. Love you Doc. Speak on chemtrails

    • Orgonite can protect one from chemtrails

    • I haven’t seen them in Tucson for weeks if not a month or two. I heard the technology was removed by some advanced spiritual beings along with something else that I can’t remember right now. This leads me to believe the planes were not real but there might be some physical planes spraying still.

    • You people that deny them are either blind or payed spam. You think breathing toxic metals, chemicals, bacteria, viruses ect. is something to ignore? That is the cause of morgellons and many other so called DISeases

    • Happydaze I have heard that they r spraying morgellons they chem trails, yes.
      I don’t know enough about organite to speak on it. I’ll definitely do some research, thanks.

  5. The Master shares his wisdom once again.

  6. Yes simplicity is very simple… Knock knock… You’re either home or you’re not…You’re so smart and sharp.. Thank you for your knowledge and thoughts….

  7. Friday Date Night w/my main Squeeze! 😉 wood woot! Yaaaaay!

  8. I never comment but thank you for this video, and all the other ones that have mentored me for years on many aspects of health and spirituality.

  9. I’m being emotionally ripped apart in my detox at the moment. It’s extremely challenging, but it’s exciting and I love it. I feel myself changing. I like it and dislike it at the same time. Good explanation DRM.

  10. I used to have dandruff for decades until i went fruit and vegetables and it all cleared up, never seen it again.

  11. “If you don’t like what life is giving you back, change what you give it!” Love it.

  12. great video.. I remember as a kid having “bronchitis after bronchitis” now it all my sense. we love you too

  13. The Machine Divinationist // 21st September 2019 at 4:37 am //

    Good stuff Dr Morse!

  14. Sent all my love to you Dr Morse, I have learnt so much from you, and I love your spiritual talk, just love love love it xxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. This is what I find a : clear explanation!!! Thank you Robert!!!!!!

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