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25 Comments on The Immune System with Patty Lager

  1. Wow! This surprised me!! This is exactly what I have been learning. Good for you (:

  2. Preising Productions // 28th April 2020 at 12:59 am //

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  3. Others telling truth as well. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, PH.D… DR. Rashid Buttar M.D… Dr. Judy Mikovits. Ph.D..

  4. Thank you for this video, I’m so honored by this postiing 🙂

  5. How do medical doctors not understand lymphatic vessels are connected to the kidneys? I mean, don’t surgeons have to cut and reconnect the vessels for a kidney transplant? Or do lymph vessels “connect” to the kidneys through some kind of capillary action?

  6. So staying inside is not ideal. Sunlight for vitamin D uptake. Go outside, people. And Enjoy.

  7. People that wear a mussel are following satanic/lusiferian/masonic ritual. They have to wear a mask to complete it. Besides the control aspect, this is the real reason to get you involved into something you would have no desire to participate in otherwise. Wake up sheeple, you are making me ashamed of being human. Also, you are restricting oxygen input by putting a restrictive barrier between you and the air. It will also trap CO2 in the empty space that you will breath it back in. It is a deadly poison that many believe is the most important part of breathing. It was reported that a person died with a mask on while driving his car and the only thing they could blame it on was he had a mask on. People are so stupid, he was afraid of getting infected while alone in his car. The other shear stupidity is that if there was anything than the regular flu in play here (there is not) it can enter much easier through the eyes or hands with broken outside skin from washing them too much.

  8. these “invaders” or whatever u called them r decomposers
    viruses decompose weak cells by creampieing them
    saying “viruses r bad” is like saying the worms next to a rotting log that r eating its remains “r bad”, they simply specialized in that task

  9. That was a very good education. Thank you so much, Dr. Morse and Patty Langer. May God’s blessings shower upon you always.

  10. Great explanation patty! Truly appreciate for ur energy & time to address this to all of us! I learn a lot from this video

  11. Wow..Nice job Patty Lager and thank you Dr Morse for posting this. Patty covered two critical topics, one and most important as Patty said is your health, second is what the legal system( and I’ll include our De Facto government) has and is doing to us. They have no legal authority to mandate we stay at home, they can only tell us and if we obey then it’s all on us, the term they like to use is, ignorance of the law is not their problem. We the people only need to adhere to God’s law, they are NOT above God and since we are a creation of God, then that means they have no authority over us unless we consent, which is what is happening with this Plandemic. I hope people wake up to our true power, the power to heal, be free and live as one with nature…Stay Well..

  12. Hey Team, so a viral cell is actually a dead cell which attaches to a living cell who’s job is to try and channel the dead cell out of the body through the lymphatic system?

    Is this similar to a Cancer cell which is a acidic cell (dead) ?

    Are they both the same in essence?

    Appreciate the help Team 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for this, sending blessings and love to you all x

  14. There is no “pandemic” other than the lies being told to us by our public servants, media and health care zeros. Be outside as much as possible, without a mask!

  15. The fall and winter bring Halloween candy, Thanksgiving indulgences and all the partying and feasting of garbage at Christmas and New Year’s. No wonder people get sick and die. Not just in cold climates but everywhere ad eating takes place.

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