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17 Comments on The International School of Detoxification 4-28-2014

  1. Monika Czerwinska // 1st May 2014 at 1:44 am //

    I Love You Dr Morse !!! <3

  2. Conspirazy Truthh // 1st May 2014 at 6:53 am //

    AWESOME !!!!!!

  3. Thanks for uploading this!  Enjoying.  🙂

  4. The master speaks!

  5. wow, great value, thank you Doc (:-

  6. magdalena Sarnowska // 1st May 2014 at 11:57 pm //

    I feel safe in your presence Dr.Robert Morse

  7. 1:00:50  “of course males are going to get …….?” What did he say?

  8. The 40 Year Old Vegan // 2nd May 2014 at 3:33 am //

    Is the grape considered to be a “berry”?

  9. that was great..wish I lived close enough to take those classes!

  10. Thanks for posting this! !!!!!!

  11. The 40 Year Old Vegan // 5th May 2014 at 3:42 am //

    Watching thus for a second time. I would love to meet Dr. Morse in person!! I WILL take his level 2 class in person!! I love Dr. Morse, all the Facebook people, and everyone that find this truth and works to detox their beautiful bodies

  12. I can’t wait til Level 2.

  13. KAYLA ROSE KOTECKI // 30th May 2014 at 6:48 pm //


    Do you think that after having a breast augmentation about 3 years ago, has affected my nervous system? I did not have the incision through the nipple but under the breast and under the muscle. Still I have lost a bit of sensation but not all and mostly on my left.
    Will it have an affect on my detox process? Can the nerves grow back? I’m also scared my body will start to reject them at one point, but do not want the neurotoxins from the anesthesia in my body again to get them removed. Or at least not now while I’m detoxing.. If I did get them removed in the future, would my breasts ever heal themselves fully or would they be left as is with the loose and stretched skin? Would you say leaving them in or taking them out is the better choice? What about pain afterwards, you usually take Vicodin for the horrible pain, is there something else I could take?

    I do wish I wouldn’t have gotten them. But I can’t change it I know. They look good but are really quite uncomfortable and cause me to worry haha

    Also, I have been 100% fruit for about a month and a half now, and having a number of debilitating symptoms that I am working on with your tinctures. My blood pressure is 92/60. I have severe brain fog & vertigo, my bones crackle, I have lost a lot of weight, there is I digested food in my stool, I find it hard to breathe at times, I have irregular heart beat and rashes and acne, dry skin everywhere, cold hands and feet always, ringing in ear, pain in chest right side, double curve scoliosis and back pains nervous system feels out of whack, I’ve been told i had hypoglycemia in the past, so I probably am not even metabolizing my sugars and that’s what’s causing me to feel weird after I eat all this fruit?. I am only 20 too btw. I have an apt with Marcie on the 12th of June though..
    I am on your Brain & nerve II, upper circ, adrenals, 2 kidneys (I & III), parasite M, skin, liver, endocrine, thyroid, stomach #2, pancreas. I held off on the lymphatic tincture because I felt my symptoms were too strong to handle, will add back in when I see sediment in my urine. Any other suggestions till then? How long will I have to be on these? I only have so much money a college student without a job, but health is number 1 priority, I’ve been sick for too long.

    All your help and knowledge is greatly appreciated!! You are a gift to all of us Dr Morse my idol! I wish to meet you one day and come to your school once I master my own illnesses and any family member that will listen to me (mostly all think I am crazy and worried for what I am doing though!)

    Thank you,
    Kayla, CA

  14. AWESOME !!!!

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