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25 Comments on Vaccine vs Virus by Patty Lager

  1. Preising Productions // 5th May 2020 at 9:01 pm //

    ORDER OUT OF CHAOS- Wave 1: Create a virus and introduce the sheep to a worldwide shut down and see how they react. After a few months, let the sheep go back to work and live their “normal” lives. (P.S. – Make sure the sheep receive free money. So, they know that we, the government, can be trusted and they will always rely on us for everything) Wave 2: Another worldwide shut down late the same year. More testing on the sheep. More problems and “solutions” will take place. Wave 3: The sheep is ready for whatever the government decides is the “best” for the sheep. Government leads the sheep to the abysm of hell.

    • @Preising Productions love the genesis faraday pouch!

    • @Preising Productions someone told me about your faraday pouch that blocks 5G and all radiation from our devices. What a great invention!!! I’d like to support what you do. How can I purchase a few faraday cages from you? Thanks!

    • Preising Productions // 5th May 2020 at 11:01 pm //

      @Sybillie Thank you so much!

    • Preising Productions // 5th May 2020 at 11:04 pm //

      @Eva Brök Thank you so much for all the love and support! I am not able to share the link of my online shop, but you can either go to Etsy and search ArchangelWorld or Genesis Faraday Pouch and you will find my handmade items. In fact, if you go to the description of my newest video (ADVANCED SIGNAL SHIELDING FOR CELLPHONE – GENESIS FARADAY POUCH) you will be able to click on the link to my online shop. Thank you!

    • @Preising Productions found it! Beautiful shop!

  2. I ant taking no vaccine.

  3. Vaccines have never been proven to be safe OR effective…. It’s always all about profit!

  4. Yeah I do not consent to any vaccine. I have not had a vaccine since I was a child . We must avoid vaccines like a bullet to the head.

  5. There are no micron photographs of structures smaller than proteins.. therefore there is no such thing as DNA proven..

    • What is simple is true has been my motto for awhile and I always get the same response, it’s NOT that simple, now I just laugh. I have a repost video on DNA being fake and had one about viruses are fake, that one was taken down before all this plandemic hit. Stay Well..

  6. EXCELLENT information. That “C Theory” word was created by the F B I to deflect real question that came up about the murder of JFK. No worries. Keep spreading TRUTH; we are here and we are listening!

  7. Search on YouTube, “Event 201”.. Be prepared to be Shocked!!

  8. Bless you for taking a stand! Ive been researching this farce since it first reared its ugly head in wuhan. Trying to tell people truth is a tough job but it needs to be done before its too late.

  9. I will not, and I repeat, take any vaccine ever!!!!

  10. this is so funny she says at 0:15 yeah didn’t expect that thanks

  11. You are not alone. I am speaking up spreading truth. God bless!

  12. Oh my God! Does she have a YT channel? If not, she needs to!

  13. David Ryokan Greenman // 5th May 2020 at 10:34 pm //

    Thank you, Patty. GREAT PRESENTATION! Thank you! The information you have provided is absolutely essential to be learned and understood.
    Personally, I will NOT be vaccinated. Not now. Not ever. Not gonna happen.

  14. Freedom Through Health // 5th May 2020 at 11:05 pm //

    also this: “The Flu Vaccine increases the odds by 36% of getting Covid 19” ~ Dr.Judy Mikovits

  15. New World Order here folks, big pharma wants to kill us.

  16. Second thought: Thanks for this video and the information. I approve of the truth. It is so refreshing. Don

  17. Great video, Patty. Thank you. I’m with you 100%, this is a planned-demic. As I comprehend, a virus is *not* an infectious agent, and cannot be spread from man/woman/child to another man/woman/child. That if one’s body displays sick symptoms, it is the body’s attempt to process and purge accumulated toxins. Thus if men/women/children are sick and/or dying, then it is from another cause. Such as 5G. Am I correct re: viruses can not possibly be an infectious agent? Hugs to you, because I believe I cannot “catch” a virus from you, nor you from me!

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