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Video – What is Cancer?

Video Transcript: 3 Things Every Cancer Patient Needs to Do

Ty Bollinger: Question for you. If somebody comes in here to your clinic and they are diagnosed with cancer, I know you don’t have a one-size-fits-all protocol, but give me two or three generalities that you would do with almost every cancer patient. Two or three things that are really important for a cancer patient to pay attention to when treating cancer.

Dr. Charles Majors: Number one is I don’t treat any cancer at all. That is out of my realm. My job is whether they have cancer or any chronic—because all cancer is, is a chronic degenerative disease process that’s happening. I want to make sure number one when they walk in here that—the most important thing is their mindset. It is crucial. That if they don’t have the right mindset, they don’t make it.

You know, I always say to them… “You have three choices right now. You can do all conventional, you can do it naturally, or you can do a combination of all of them,” right? Or obviously, number four, “you could do nothing.” And I always say to them, “Which one do you think works best?” And they always think I’m going to say the natural. And I say, “Not necessarily.”

Are there people who do natural and not make it? Absolutely. Are there people who do conventional and not make it? And the opposite—people who have made it through conventional. It’s very, very rare, but there are a few who make it. Why? Because they’re very focused and they know what they want. They’re not stressed about it. They see the chemotherapy is going to kill their cancer, they see it as good, they go through it all. But they’re also detoxing, cleansing their body, making sure that the toxins are coming in, the toxins are getting out.

Ty Bollinger: So a lot of other corroborating factors? Not just the one treatment, it’s a lot of the other externals that will influence, I guess is what you’re saying, whether the treatment is successful?

Dr. Charles Majors: Absolutely. Because toxins coming into the body creates cancer as it is, so chemotherapy is going to create cancer in other cells just by its nature being a toxic and a poison. So I have to make sure I’m protecting my body.

So if a patient says, “I want to go through chemotherapy and radiation,” and that is what they’ve chosen, they are 100% in on it, great. Then let’s get you protecting your body, detoxing, and cleansing it out. But now if someone says, “I don’t want to do that,” then number one is my job is not to cure it. My job is I need to teach them what the cause is.

Every cancer has a cause. They’re not all the same. So you’re right. They’re not all the same. If someone has a breast cancer, that is hormonal. They have a hormonal imbalance, right? The liver was not able to methylate as well, they were not able to balance out their estrogen levels.

If you take someone who has leukemia or myelomas or lymphomas, these are immune cancers. A lot of these are from viruses. A lot of these are from nonstop inflammatory reactions happening in their gut where their immune system is nonstop working. GMOs—these things affect more immune cancers. You have brain cancers, which we know are coming from more of a toxicity issue.

I can go through, but every cancer is different. They are not all the same. So we can’t treat everything exactly the same, right? So number one is we have got to get to the cause. What caused this, work on the cause. Then number two is, I always say “specifically and safely kill it.” And then number three is you have to rebuild your immune system, get your body strong again so it can heal the cancer.

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