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Water Poisoning

Water is one of the things we often take for granted. It’s easy to assume that when turn on the tap that we are getting a product that is safe to drink. It may be fine in the short term however the long term effects of chemical additives such as Flouride and Chlorine are worthy of further investigation.

On this page you will find information that shows that harmful chemicals are in our drinking water. It is important to remember where you live dictates which company supplies your tap water; the quality and chemicals added to the water can differ quite a lot.

There are around 80 chemicals added to UK Water. You can check what is in your water by visiting your local water company website and downloading the report.

You will find some solutions to prevent poor water affecting your families health and well being further down the page.

Here is a simple experiment you can do. Half fill a pan with tap water and boil it dry and check the residue that is left inside the pan.

Here are the results from 4 litres of water when my friend Jess did this.

 boiled water    boiled water 2

 To find out more check out the full article written by Jess Lewis and backed up with scientific links

How Clean Is The Water You Drink?

Great video and many of the same issues apply here in the UK.


Short video about the contents of water which will shock you

Importance Of Quality Water To Human Health

The body can go without food for 40 days but it can only go 3 days without water!!

This is because 75% of our body is water, 75% of our brain is water, 86% of our liver and 83% of our blood is water! So, if we don’t keep our body hydrated it is unable to function properly and work to its maximum potential.

water acidic alkaliacid-chart


 All Water Is Not Equal

As you have seen in the two videos further up the page there are different types of water you can drink.

Tap Water | Bottled Water | Filtered Tap Water | Distilled Water | Tap Water Filtered Using Reverse Osmosis

You can buy a small electrolysis device to perform your own test for around $10. I’ve purchased one and will be doing my own experiments too. I’ll report back the findings.

It is safe to say that bottled water is by far the safest option to drink if you do not wish to go down the route of using some sort of filtration device.

There are many types of water filter on the market and each performs differently.  There’s over 80 chemical additives to tap water and not all of them can be removed by a filter however removing some is better than none at all.


40 Years Of Medical Research Proves Kangen Water Is The Best 

Fitness Kangen water is ionised, alkaline, anti oxidant water. These unique characteristics have been recognised in medical fields for their effectiveness in assisting the body in repairing itself and healing itself.

But, did you ever consider that the kind of water we drink could be contributing to a host of diseases and health issues that are linked to dehydration?

People, from all walks of life, have experienced endless benefits to drinking Fitness Water. Improvement in areas such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, migraines, gout, asthma, skin complaints, heartburn, poor circulation, weight reduction, acid reflux, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stomach ulcers, heart disease, cancer and many more! This shows us how the basic essentials of life, oxygen and water can support our bodies ability to repair itself.

Kangen water technology has been endorsed by over 6,500 medical doctors worldwide and is recognised as a medical device by the Japanese ministry of health and welfare.

So what makes this water so different from the rest?

Kangen water has four main properties

neutralises free radicals
contains active hydrogen
improves energy
high negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential)

H20 ph level of 8.5 to 9.5
healthy ph balance
counteracts acidic foods
promotes overall health

helps cleanse the colon
supports digestive health and elimination of wastes
faster circulation of H20

superior hydration of body
micro-clustered / hexagonal water hydrates efficiently
better nutrient absorption

Kangen water technology has been used in hospitals and clinics in Japan for 40 years for it’s scientifically documented health benefits. It’s time to take our health in our own hands and take advantage of this information and technology. Help our bodies work to their full potential where we are well enough to heal ourselves and prevent multiple illnesses from taking over our lives.


Kangen Water Is Used To Treat Sick People In Hospital


Eye Opening Demonstration


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