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10 Most Toxic and Dangerous Foods That Cause Cancer – You Should Never Eat These!

There are studies which confirmed the negative side effects from consuming the following foods.


Everyone knows that sugar is the main cause for obesity and for diabetes, but it is related as well with health problems in pancreas, digestive system, liver, and the overall health.

Moreover, sugar intake disturbs the nervous system by even 50%


Margarine is loaded with trans-fats which aren’t digestible in our body. Also it raises the cholesterol concentration and it’s also capable for damaging the blood vessels. By digesting some artificial foods you make a toxic burden in your entire system which is very bad for your liver. You need to avoid margarine as much as you can and start eating more natural and organic foods.

Processed meat

The processed meats contain high levels of nitrates and sodium and they are very harmful for your health. The American Institute for Cancer Research connected the intake of processed meats with increased possibility of colon cancer.

Canned Soups

There are many people who think that they are healthy, but they don’t know that the canned soups include up to 890 mg of sodium. When our body ingests too much sodium, it withholds the water, which increases the blood pressure and is causing stress on the heart, resulting with heart attacks.

Fast Food

The method of preparation of these foods is very bad, and that is what makes them one of the unhealthiest foods for our organism. These foods are filled with sodium, saturated fats and excessively processed meat.


An appreciated nutritionist, Patrick Holford, says that our ability to digest lactose (the main ingredient in milk) is reduced as we grow old. This is why milk often causes food intolerance, inflammations, bloating and creates acidic environment in the organism.

Potato Crisps

The high temperature processed foods create acrylamide which is carcinogenic substance. Dale Hattis, which is a professor at the Clark University, states that acrylamide is capable for few cancer cases in the U.S. each year. Potato crisps are abundant in salt, meaning they include high levels of sodium, related with raised cholesterol levels and hypertension, which leads to increased risk of heart attack and even stroke.


These drinks are filled with sugar and chemicals which are very harmful for our body. In fact, they reduce the levels of supplements in our organism to minimum. A study that was released in The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, showed that consuming two soft drinks per week doubles the possibility of developing pancreatic cancer.


Flour has the same effect for our body as the sugar has. It affects the pancreas and can cause imbalance in the insulin levels. Consequently, your organism goes into fat-build up mode.

While it’s being processed, the wheat loses most of its nutritive values, as well as the fibers. Wheat is not that bad for your health, but its processing is pretty harmful for you, which is the reason why you should avoid it.


They are made of the previously mentioned ingredients: white flour and sugar. Donuts also contain trans-fat, which is very harmful for the body shape and the health of the human’s heart. Moreover, intake of trans-fat and sugar is linked to raised risk of diabetes and heart disease.


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