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20 Comments on A Talk With Dr. Morse, Marcie, and Attila

  1. I was shocked to hear Monsanto has the gall to actually sue people who want healthy foods! That is indicative of a World gone mad! I am so sorry to hear that. It makes me want to DE-TOX more than EVER! Marcie, your explanations are beautifully clear. Attila, until I get my ears candled, you need a microphone on your shirt~! Hee hee. 😉 Great video guys. Thank you.

    • +Helen Perala////// Monsanto is of the Devil

    • +Mike Smith Yes! Exactly! Mon = single or one, santo = Saint. They all worship the devil or satan or whatever name you want to give it. They consider that entity to be the one, the only Saint.

    • +Ute Schultze Thank you! With 4 planets in Scorpio, believe me Ute, I am well aware of ALL the evils of this world. I have spent far too long actually, researching them all and with my Thyroid down due to comfort eating since childhood, I am now having a hard time pulling myself OUT of depression but yes, I am well aware of all the muck in this world. The only thing ANY of us can really do is CLEAN OURSELVES UP and, in that process, we can heal the world far more quickly! Keep leading with YOUR example!! x

  2. Love the panel videos. Keep them coming <3

  3. I really enjoy the videos with Dr. Morse + other great people 🙂
    But I have 1 suggestion: If you could wear microphones on your shirts and then later the audio’s could get mixed for a perfect even volume level it would be even better

  4. there you are Attila….i can see your face finally….HI!!!!

  5. What a great team you have Dr Morse. If I only lived in Florida…! 🙂 Btw, Attila has such a soothing voice

  6. wonderful crew great to see attila blessings to the dr morse movement

  7. Thank you for all the videos! Keep em coming! I love you all and I’ll continue to spread truth for as long as I’m alive!

  8. The 40 Year Old Vegan // 10th March 2016 at 4:07 pm //

    i love you!!

  9. Hi, I just ordered some tinctures and capsules from you guys. I will let you know how they are going to work with me and my son. I am very healthy, just trying out and see if they give me more benefit. So my questions will be: who is Marcie, what is her designation? Also, Attila, what is his? Sorry, I didn’t get an introduction of their designations. I do have come with lots of testimonials with my practice from severe to chronic injuries and some of the issues (diseases) achieving top notch results without much of the supplement applied. I strongly believe that the supplement would also help some to many of my clients in the future while I am dealing with some with mental illnesses (depression and anxiety), insomnia and migraine among other issues of my clients as mentioned above. I do go with giving dietary advice and that is the basic of all among any healing process. I also strongly believe in the acidity of the food you eat and the alkalinity of the food that make a difference with eliminating of diseases and healing up of the skin, tissue, blood and bone cells and more. Your video has taught me so much, Dr. Morse. Lots of appreciation. But I really think the capsule and the tincture will help too tremendously, but I also think really unique deep tissue massage will hasten up the healing and detoxifying process. You have had one video that you mentioned that the massage would not really help? I will start experiencing with the supplement. But thanks to Dr. Morse for sure. Excellent explanations. But I think the result with testimonials shown will also help. I mean strong concrete authentic testimonials, what do you think, Dr. Morse?

  10. I wanted to share with you that I live in Anchorage, Alaska and have access to good and organic fresh fruit even through the winter. The challenge is to eat only fruit when the weather is cold. I’m doing that now but include nuts and avocados to keep me warmer. 🙂

  11. what a blessing to get people with all this knowledge and sharing with us ,so grateful.
    thank you 🙂

  12. Every time I watch your videos,I get more and more excited about health change. I really want to learn and help! Thank God for you,Dr Morse!

  13. Great to hear Def Leppard are raw foodists, from my hometown.

  14. lady s first  😉

  15. Too much salt? RE: Dulse

  16. Exactly – what DO you do with people that are a threat to our planet – especially humans ? All of my life , that was said to be “MURDER” !!!???

  17. Dr Morse, I really like the clothing you wear in your videos. Is there a certain brand or anywhere in particular you shop?

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