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10 Comments on Autism/MS Part 2

  1. Shavonne Fairclough // 23rd June 2011 at 5:43 am //

    what are the fruits you highly recommend in any circumstances? i know grapes are one of them…

  2. I have a friend with 1 lung, a pacemaker, and a “throwing-up” syndrome. They did a biopsy on her esophagus and said they might inject botox. I took her some ginger. She doesn’t use it. I recommended melons and melon juice, and she said it might make her throw up. She was drinking tea. I told her that was more likely to make her throw up. She said she didn’t believe me. Its mystifying. Could some people not want to get well because of a secondary gain?

  3. Course the below is frustration, but I am learning and am able to help some people with it. My little hairdresser has polycystic ovarian syndrome and another there has lupus, and I promised them both I will bring nutritional info for them, and I will. Also my family and my coworkers, and they in turn are telling others. Thank you Dr. Morse. I enjoy your videos immensely.

  4. how much fruit should we consume?

  5. my son don’t like fruit, he has autism or so and he’s very thin. Is there a reason why he doesnt like fruit? and what is your solution for him. My whole family is willing to go on the same diet. We love fruit and vegs. Is rice milk ok, we recently came off regular milk.

    • he has malabsorbtion in the stomach and gut. he needs more stomach acids and needs to repair leaky gut. dislike of fruit is due to heartburn and or histamine response from leaky gut and contested lymph which starts auto immune response.

    • Alpaca Lepetit how do you suggest to go about that ?

  6. What about juicing greens?

  7. Ahead of the Curve FullExploration // 8th January 2018 at 6:54 am //

    how much fruit should you eat on a daily basis to stop Ms from going any further? and what fruits and vegetables do you recommend most?

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