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25 Comments on Cancer – The Raw Truth Part 1

  1. ”You got a hundred trillion little people that need to eat.” -LOL

  2. yeah…back in the house – much love Dr. Morse 🙂 

  3. Thank you Dr Robert Morsen! :D

  4. I believe he eats a raw fruit-based diet with some vegetables, probably
    hardly any nuts or seeds, though I don’t know…

  5. spirituality over intellectualism!

  6. Clean Bodies© Lifestyles // 20th August 2013 at 1:58 am //

    Dr. Morse is the ONLY person we should be listening to/following. I am
    amazed it has taken me so long to discover this. Betta late than never 🙂

  7. I already like this guy!

  8. At min. 11:30 Dr. Morse addresses fungal problems, grain-eating and starch

  9. Marc-André Dandenault // 10th September 2013 at 7:44 pm //

    80% Raw fruits and veg, 20 % Cooked veg

  10. This is great! I hope you do one on Memory Loss/Dementia/Alzeheimers or
    maybe you can lump it into upper circulation “diseases” affecting the brain
    and nerve. Please pretend your audience doesn’t know your background and
    philosophy. For that matter, pretend your audience doesn’t even know the
    difference between the allopathic approach and naturopathic approach and
    even where naturopaths fall short relying on isolate supplements. Make sure
    to cover examples of patients and what they did to heal.

  11. Please Please please Dr. Morse talk about vitiligo. I’m 23 and I have
    vitiligo for four years now; I’m a young girl and I hate to watch my skin
    changing its color and stop me from living my age. I’m trying hard not only
    with cremes and UVB laser but I’m also watching my diet, having vitamins
    like B12 and other things. I really wish that you talk about vitiligo.
    Doctors keep telling me that they still don’t know the reasons behind this
    skin disease but after listening to your lectures here, I started to
    believe more that everything happens for a reason and that something needs
    to be treated inside rather than outside. Please respond back and thank you
    for caring. With love and respect. 

    • Sara, I have (mild) vitiligo too. Have had it since puperty. My search led
      me towards looking at why my immune system is attacking my melanocytes
      (pigment cells). Currently I believe that it is due to inflamation caused
      by “leaky gut syndrome”, which in turn is caused by a gluten intolerance /
      allergy. Try researching that. Also, try looking into boosting your gut
      flora and research the so-called ketogenic diet (which in itself eliminates
      grains and milk products – 2 of the biggest triggers for inflamation). You
      must be very, very strict in following a grain-free diet, since the tiniest
      amount can trigger your immune system again. It takes 1/2 – 1 year for your
      immune system to calm down. And yes, it is possible to regain your skin
      color. I noticed a very, very small re-pigmentation. So there is hope…. :

  12. Big statements! Big conspiracies! Yet no proof offered, just like any other
    simple, basic scammer…

    • Don’t make assumptions and judgments without investigating first, it makes
      you look ignorant. If you had watched the whole series of videos you would
      understand more.

      There is a principle which is a bar against all information,
      which is proof against all argument,
      and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance.
      That principle is condemnation without investigation.
      William Paley

    • Google Georgia Guidestones and have a nice day.

    • +Philip Carpenter g guidestones is a fraud.. place to starsearch might be
      accurate, but the suggestion of such power and knowledge is a mere copy of
      what once such illusion is called hollywood and selling a
      copycat idea to a false future.. all that stone prop does is lead to death.

  13. Almighty Cheesus // 1st May 2014 at 12:34 am //

    The truth is the hundred of thousands of people getting healthy….. Just
    ask all the people on the Dr Morse Facebook Fan Page. I’m walking truth
    and know this is the only truth. WAKE UP!

  14. I love you Doc.M Im back again ! I watch over and over.. I now answer the
    questions and im right !!! Woo Hoo your a fanamanal teacher …TY

  15. This is the best info that I have heard!!! You are so right! Finally
    someone that will tell the truth!! Thank you

  16. Hello Everyone. If you learn easier with visuals I have fun illustrations
    related to Detoxification & embarking on Raw Foods on my Instagram
    @regenerateonraw . I hope it can help you learn about this path to
    Wellville that Dr Morse teaches. 

  17. would it be fair to say ècancerè is a mutated form of life adapting to high
    acidé low oxygen enviromentsÉ

  18. bunch of cells hope part 2 better

  19. M X B

  20. Truth finally been told. Spread the word. :)

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