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Cannabis Cures Cancer and the Government Has Known This Since 1974!

Cannabis s one of the secret cures for cancer, and the government has known about this.

This is the reason why cannabis is not even legalized, but the people should struggle with the pain and hurting caused by the cancer disease.

In this world millions of people are in jail because of the consumption of raw Cannabis.

The US Government is well aware Cannabis has medicinal properties. How could they not? It’s been used as a medicine for at least the past 10,000 years. Even in America, Cannabis was used as a medicine for over 100 years. It was in over a hundred over the counter medicines for a wide range of reasons. Everything from pain and nausea medication to sleeping tonics.

In case they are going to legalize marijuana, the pharmaceutical profit will lose trillions.

This is the reasons why they are not legalizing the marijuana, since they know that it is the cure for cancer from 1974.

The day when Richard Nixon discovered tat marijuana cures cancer, he wanted to prove that Cannabis will cause lung cancer just like the cigarettes.

In ’74 the study was completed. It turns out, when ingested in highly concentrated forms (such as eating Cannabis oil) the Cannabinoids in the oil will attack any mutated cells in your body while strengthening and rejuvenating the healthy cells. They accidentally found the PERFECT cure for Cancer!

The way that cannabis reacted to the lung cancer was incredible, slowly but for sure cannabis has no side effects and cured lung cancer.

When Richard Nixon saw the results of the study he was FURIOUS. He threw the entire report in the trash and deemed the study classified.

The only thing which is not proper, is that people who consume marijuana can’t take it without ‘’high’’.

Cancer patients and their loved ones will spend their entire life savings or even sell their houses and businesses in order to pay for Chemotherapy and other Cancer treatment drugs. A lot of the time they spend all that money and their loved one dies anyway. If the public found out that the Government has been lying for over 40 years, that MILLIONS of lives could have been saved and that the dying could grow the cure they so desperately need in their own backyard… We all know the American public would be going nuts over it.

In addition to this we are going to present you that cannabis can cure different diseases, not only cancer. There are a lot of satisfied and cured patience from stroke, trauma, Prkingson’s and Alzheimer’s and HIV dementia and other difficult diseases.

Cannabis oil is made by crushing raw Cannabis in grain alcohol (as close to 100% as possible), straining it and cooking off the alcohol VERY carefully. All you will be left with is essentially ‘pure medicine’ in highly concentrated form.

Hemp oil is made by cold-pressing the seeds of the Hemp plant and extracting the healthy oil within. It is used for things like food and fuel, but it will not cure cancer because it lacks THC.

In order you can buy raw Cannabis, you can use cannabis oil. But yiu can’t find it in the markets, you need to buy it from the cannabis oil distributers where is sailed legally.

Still, in my opinion it is well worth the risks since it has already saved THOUSANDS of people (and pets) from horrible deaths due to diseases like Cancer. If you would like to hear many testimonies on the subject, type ‘Cannabis cured my cancer’ or ‘Cannabis cures Cancer’ into youtube search. When you do, you will see how many people are trying to get the word out about this AMAZING cure.

In addition we are going to present you a short video which s very useful because you will learn how to make the cannabis oil by yourself.

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