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Coconut Oil Prevents Tooth Decay

If you are searching for a natural cavity fighter than you should consider making coconut oil a part of your diet. Coconut oil is known as a natural antibiotic and it has been found to destroy the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Researchers discover that coconut oil kills unfriendly bacteria Researchers at the Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland, reported at the Society for General Microbiology autumn conference at the University of Warwick, England that coconut oil has antibacterial qualities combating strains of Streptococcus, which commonly inhabit the human mouth. Dr. Damien Brady, along with a team of researchers, found that digested coconut oil stopped most of the bacteria from multiplying. What the team found was that semi-digested coconut oil destroys Candida albicans yeast that causes thrush. They believe that coconut oil in a semi-digested state, may have commercially viable antimicrobial qualities for the oral health care industry. Read more…

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