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22 Comments on Detoxification The Art & Science Part Five

  1. @ netuniumforest: That deserves an answer. “‘God is love and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him” (1 Jn 4:16)

  2. Hopefully, you’ve already gotten your answer by now, but Dr. Morse has said many times “EAT fruits, JUICE greens” for the reason you mentioned above as well as EATING fruits helps keep your glycemic index from spiking too high.

  3. ahhhh! Thank you, you are wonderful!
    so ive been doing it right all along, I knew because everything felt right within!
    Thanks a bunch Angelwise11! 😀

  4. Dr. Morse….I Seriously CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF YOU! I watch video after video after video! God Bless you my friend, and THANK YOU INFINITELY for all you do for we, your viewers. Sending you much love my friend! <3

  5. You are so AMAZING!!!!! PLZ KEEP THE VIDEOS COMING!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i used to have these problems as well. go all-fruit w/ night salads for 2 weeks and cut out overt fat/protein (all fat/protein that’s not from fruits/veg) completely during this time and try citrus again come day 15. you won’t have an issue. rinse your teeth after citrus if that helps calm your mind about it but as long as you cut out the stuff that makes the citrus stick to your mouth you’ll be fine.

  7. Thank you for these videos Dr. Morse. I am addicted to your wealth of knowledge.

  8. Dr. Don’t you have this information in spanish, I spend most of the time translating your videos to my wife, but it is not an easy task? Thank you you are amazing!

  9. how long do i need to detox to clean out my system? watermelon and water detox

  10. The Authentic Aquarian // 12th March 2013 at 5:16 pm //

    Golden Information! Love your mission statement …”get you well and tie you back to God”

  11. Since pineapple can become acid, is there a list somewhere which fruit to eat and which to avoid?

  12. God Bless This Guy 

  13. Apple, blueberry, peach and cherry smoothies from now on!!! What about bananas?? Anyways, I have my answer on how to move lymph. 😉

  14. I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!

  15. What about blood sugar? Fruits are something I worry about because I have insulin resistance and I can feel blood sugar imbalance when I eat them. Is it something to power through? Or should I do my green juice (for blood sugar stabilization) AND fruit?

  16. So confused… I’ve just spent a bunch of money seeing a Functional Doc. who says I most likely have leaky gut with yeast over growth… I was about to spend loads of cash on enzymes and probiotics… now I hear this!!!

  17. Part 5 … over 40 minutes in… still no practical information… just “some of you might not see your 60s and 70s…”

  18. OMG This is the information I been needing all my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was totally confused on how to go about fasting (the mere thought of depriving myself of food may me go in paralyzing fear state). I have all ready been eating fruit all day and already feel better. I am going to continue for this entire month. Can’t wait to wrap this on and take this journey full throttle! God bless you, you are MORE evidence that God is REAL

  19. If you ever pursue that lawsuit, I’m ALL in and would be happy join you in that cause. I think they killed my mother and sister.

  20. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve been doing!

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