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23 Comments on Detoxification The Art & Science Part Three

  1. In all my life I have never met a teacher,a doctor or naturopath that has taught me what I have learned from you. This information is life saving & life transforming. There is no going back from truth. Only those who will listen, learn & take action will understand the astonishing relevance & beauty of you are are saying..If I had nothing material in life, what I know now is worth more than anything in the world. Thank you Dr. Morse.

  2. brainwashed and accustomed to a certain type of lifestyle

  3. just got his book 🙂 very cool

  4. I think when you move your body the lymph system moves lymph around the body, i guess thats the value of exercise,

  5. are non organic oranges, melons, and grapes okay, despite the pesticides,

  6. You speak truth…thank you Dr. Morse.

  7. I really like you loads Dr and have been sending out your lectures to my list. I am someone who believes that there is a place for urine therapy. And it is a therapy. I have used it for myself in wonderful ways, as well as recommended it with my own homeopathic patients. I don’t hear you mention homeopathy much, but I have used this with high success for over 30 years for all sorts of issues including emotional, epidemic and even autism/vaccine damage. Urine therapy is surely beneficial.

  8. Just a wonderful video. Thanks you so much. I am so glad you mentioned “pond scum” as one of your students, Dan The Man LifeRegenerator has really turned over the ‘apple cart’ so to speak.

    LifeRegenerator is now recommending to his youtube follwers that they drink daily tonics of health store products mixed with water in fruit jars. How far from God’s RX is that business.

    Maybe you can reach out to him befor he burns his bridge.

  9. Dr Morse, great stuff , but WHY does it take YEARS for detoxification, what is the main reason it must take so long to correct lymphatic constipation ??? Thanks for a reply…

  10. amazing. so grateful to have found your videos

  11. Dr talks a lot still i dont understand how is he helping people? Get to the point how do we clean lymphatic system?

  12. How does a guy with so much knowledge have such low views ? This guy is a genius , well I think everyone is a genius. Every since I started detoxing and going on a raw food and eliminating anything that’s MAN-made OR in other words processed . My mood started shifting to a more vibrant positive mood. Not only my mood changed but I became more spiritual and aware of my body and what my body is craving at all times. Its like my body makes me sick to tell me that I need to stop doing something I’ve been doing all my life I’ve eaten nothing but processed , packaged food which of all have a similar characteristics. They have no NUTRITIONAL value and are basically junk. Junk Food ! Even after calling such food JUNK food. I see my friends still eating this food everyday which is sad but its like their mind is just installed to like anything ”THEY” tell you eat but when you eat NATURAL foods mostly raw your body starts healing and your symptoms of sickness start decreasing because they have the right and important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function.. Its just opening your MIND ! Which took me a long time by the way. Look to prove that this guys theories are correct . Try and eat raw foods and cut off any processed foods for a week and you’ll see what I mean. Your mood, your body your spirituality will boost up . Basically you’ll feel more positive in all aspects whether its physical or mental. You’ll feel it, TRUST . Why not give it a try and see. Fruits and Vegetables are medicine! Pharmaceuticals are just there to make more and more money. Just like the doctor Robert said it ” Humans are insane ” which I agree.
    Just look at the state of the world right now and prove me wrong. Insane wars, insane shootings , insane terrorists. If man could make that, what else do you think they are not capable of ? OPEN your mind !!!  You and your mind is all you got why not use it . Health is KEY. God put fruits and vegetables for a reason. You don’t have to pay for it . It is a forever non-ending food. It’ll keep growing forever and ever.
    Sea animals are dying and washing up all the time on shores. Ever wondered why ? CHEMICALS that are dumped into the ocean by man. They are ingesting something that is not natural and something that their bodies can’t recognize therefore they eventually die. So next time you go and pick up your McDonalds. What don’t you look up the ingredients and count up how many acids there are in there and look for anything besides fat, carbs and protein. If you find any vitamins or minerals let me know. 

  13. Wow!! my sweet neighbor turned me onto your videos.  I suffered tramatic Brian injury do to a vehicle accident.  Thank you for caring enough DR. Morse.

  14. What is your meaning on KOMBUCHA, KEFIR, Etc.
    In moderation 😉

    thumbs up if you want to know!!!

  16. Verborgene Wahrheit // 1st May 2016 at 11:01 am //

    Fix the kidneys and you will clean the lymph

  17. Best of the best this healer

  18. The most revolutionary act is to be healthy!

  19. God I love these talks

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