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22 Comments on Detoxification The Art & Science Part Two

  1. Nice aloha shirt.

  2. MoHaNi MaTaHri HariOm // 4th August 2011 at 2:07 am //

    That’s so funny! you make me laugh! ….when you said that the dairy workers should be forced to drink the milk themselves! hahahahahahahahahahah heeeheeheheehe….so funny!


  4. You are so right, Dr. Morse. I feel better drinking soymilk. My body was so cleansed that when I ate yogurt made from cow milk, mucous would build up in my eyes, nose, and mouth. I could feel it on my tongue. So I switched to soy yogurt and the mucous cleared up. After watching your video, I think I will quit almond milk as well. Thank you your videos … you are a blessing. <3

  5. love your video’s!!

  6. A true hero…

  7. Wild Crafted Physique // 19th February 2012 at 7:32 pm //

    @eczematalk it keeps tearing because it has weak connective tissue. Calcium makes connective tissue and the para thyroid deals with the utilization of calcium. detox will fix the problem but you need to strengthen the parathyroid so get herbal formula and glandular for it

  8. I’ve HATED cow’s milk since i was a child, but my parents forced me to drink it, when i turned 12 i completely stopped drinking it and just a few weeks ago i went to visit a friend and she prepared something with milk, OMG, i almost died… My face was so red like i injected some drugs in it… Never again!! 🙁

  9. why dan mc donald love lou corona? i wish you a wonderful life?

  10. What about india diary culture? what about old aged ghee

  11. How much people you have who come from WAPF western price raw milk nutrition?

  12. What causes chronic lymphedema????

  13. Tell us when that book is finished!

  14. just ty ty ty ty

  15. this video was made when ,y Miss Lucky was still alive.  I miss her so very much…what I would give for just one more kiss

  16. Yes I agree the Allopaths have to learn alot of stuff and become Homeopathic and Natural/Organic Healers., But the ones who teach it and founded it know what they are doing, they are criminals.

  17. After watching your videos for days. I keep hearing “clean the lymph”. Please….how does one do that? Herbs? Exercise? Tinctures? What? I will keep watching and someday soon, I will know.

  18. Love his wisdom!

  19. So are you saying the kidneys are weak and that effects the ability of the lymph to cleanse properly or the lymph system being dirty weakens the kidneys? thank you for your videos

  20. It would be much appreciated if you could tell me where can i buy you book on detoxification?

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