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Dr. Morse’s Q&A – 12 Aug. 2021 – Teeth, Liver Hep B, Lymes, Eye Pressure, Ulcerative Colitis #574

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:06:55 – Teeth Issues
00:32:28 – Liver Cirrhosis Hepatites B
00:43:55 – Lyme Disease
00:51:21 – Eye Pressure
00:57:22 – Ulcerative Colitis

00:06:55 – Teeth Issues
Hi Dr. Morse, I hope all is amazing on your side. I now know that gingivitis can overtime turn into periodontitis. This information was received this year of February, now 4 teeth "need" to be extracted due to gum recession and bone loss.

00:32:28 – Liver Cirrhosis Hepatites B
Hello there I'm sorry for my English l'm Greek and I live 8 years in Australia. Since 2016 1 diagnosed with hvb and liver cirrhosis – Angelos

00:43:55 – Lyme Disease
I am healthy, active 55 year old woman living in Norway. I have bin following your videos for years, and absolutely love them. June 15th I got a tics bite on my right (eg Thigh and it turned pink/ black after some days. I was fortunate to get help to remove the tics after some hours. That night I got a running nose like an allergic reaction. – Inger

00:51:21 – Eye Pressure
Hello Dr. Morse,
I'm currently experiencing pressure in my eyes. I've gone to the optometrist in 2019 and recently 2021. Both doctors have stated I have eye pressure in my right eye. I started wearing glasses in 2015. Never had any eye problems until 2019. The optometrist stated pressure in the eyes could mean Glaucoma. – Iya

00:57:22 – Ulcerative Colitis
Hi Robert! Discovered your show recently and feel utterly blessed to have the opportunity to watch all of your videos. My doctor recently told me she thinks i have ulcerative colitis. I've been trying to treat it with fruit and greens but have had slip ups with adding food and increasing intake. […] – Andrew


Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H. is a naturopathic physician, raw foodist, and a master herbalist. Since 1973, he has owned and operated Natural Health Facilities, including health food stores, naturopathic clinics and herb companies (God’s Herbs, Nature’s Botanical Pharmacy, and Dr. Morse’s Cellular Botanicals). Approaching 50 years of practice, his groundbreaking work and unparalleled tissue specific formulas have helped thousands overcome virtually any condition or serious illness; most of which mainstream medicine labels ‘incurable.’

Dr. Morse was the first to teach the crucial role of the body's incredible lymphatic system and why understanding the connection between the kidneys and lymphatic system is vital to unlocking true health and vitality.

If you are in crisis or any other person is in danger, please contact your local emergency services.

All information/content provided by Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club and Dr. Morse’s Schools (“DMHHC & DMS”) is based upon the science of Chemistry and Physics and has been interpreted, simplified, and shared by Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H. Representatives of “DMHHC & DMS” whom provide services or information, do so as empowerment and guidance coaches and not in the capacity of licensed health care providers. All content including (but not limited to) diet, nutritional, herbal, fasting, or any other health modalities found on the and websites, YouTube Channel, and related social media is solely for educational purposes and does not involve or include diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment, or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of diseases and should not be considered a substitute for medically necessary diagnostics. Neither “DMHHC & DMS” nor the publisher of this material accepts responsibility for accidental or intentional misuse of the opinions contained within these videos, or the consequences which may arise from such.

22 Comments on Dr. Morse’s Q&A – 12 Aug. 2021 – Teeth, Liver Hep B, Lymes, Eye Pressure, Ulcerative Colitis #574


  2. Hi dear Dr Robert… always happy to see you… thank you for all your information presented in such a beautiful way xxx❤️❤️

  3. Take 5 conscious breaths every hour…set your timer every hour on the hour and flood the body with alkaline oxygen. Then eat some fruit. Love and Chi:))

  4. Dr Morse, would you be willing to livestream?❤️

  5. The Energizer Bunny of the natural world.

  6. Sending all my love to you from N.Ireland ❤❤❤ Thank you so much for you’re amazing work!

  7. Drinking a half gallon frozen mango, blueberries and dates smoothie and I get to enjoy a new dr morse video too! BLESSED

    • that sounds crazy. and dry. do you mix water into it? what ratio of everything?

    • Yum!!! I’m so grateful and blessed to live in Florida with the most yummy mangos, it’s the end of the season now but lots of frozen fruit for smoothies, I’m enjoying a smoothie as well with Dr morse’s super food explosion, thank you Dr morse!!!!

    • @celz olsen its so yummy and juicy! I put about 18 dates with 16 oz watermelon Juice, blend that first so the dates break down good. then fill my blender with half frozen blueberries and half frozen mangoes with another 16 oz of orange juice. Then I also put a tablespoon of powdered herbs and its delicious, can’t even taste the bitter herbs.

  8. Thank you Dr. Morse for all the free information you provide for us!!

  9. You look great Doc!

  10. yes sirrr.. thank you doctor morse.. i love how fast these videos are coming out

  11. DR Morse . I’ve been watching your vids when you only had a dozen subscribers, and your message has always been consistent , simple and inspiring. Evan though your subscribers have grown I still can’t believe there isn’t more naughts on the end. Your one of the most valuable sites on utube.

  12. Thank you for all of your video education. You are loved by soo many.

  13. you are the best of this times… simple truth, without any money grabbing intentions. i love you deep from my heart and thank you so much.

  14. You are such an inspiration!!
    On day 5 of my fruit detox + herbs!! Yeah baby!!

  15. Irene Precious Coker // 13th August 2021 at 3:20 pm //

    Praise the Lord for a beautiful video. I have hep B and hypo Thyroid and early menopause at 35years and I am done with medical industry. I am Team Dr Morse.

  16. LOVE whatever this new thing your doing to your videos are!! love that intro clip in the very beginning and the labeling on the time stamps.

  17. I am learning SO much from you. Huge thank you!!!! And much love.

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