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Dr. Morse’s Q&A – 17 Aug. 2021 – Pancreatitis, Gallbladder and more #575

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:15 – Other channels/platforms
00:06:50 – Pancreatitis, Gall Bladder removal, Types 1&2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Stress Osteoarthritis.
00:30:00 – Bulimia

00:06:50 Pancreatitis, Gall Bladder removal, Types 1&2 Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Stress Osteoarthritis
I loved your Connecting Consciousness Zoom meeting last night (11 August) but missed being able to ask you a question. In the last 5 years I have suffered and been diagnosed with Pancreatitis, Gall Bladder removal, , Fibromyalgia and chronic stress (l walk like I'm on ice) Also have Osteoarthritis. My question is: Can I just eat vegetables to heal? I've never been keen on sweet stuff. I take Aloe Vera & Holy Basil to reduce inflammation but I don't use painkillers. Any advice you could offer would be gratefully received. Best wishes – Jan M

00:30:00 Bulimia
Hi Dr. Morse. I've been following you for years and appreciate your teachings more than any other out there! Thank you for all you do! I really need your guidance in how to approach my health issues. I am 49 years old and I have suffered from bulimia for the last 25 years. My gums, tooth enamel and bone have severely eroded and I've lost 6 back teeth to extractions and I'm afraid I'll lose more. I have extreme fatigue, stiff/achy joints, severe insomnia, anxiety, dependency on Cascara sagrada and magnesium citrate for regularity or else constipation, acne, progressive macular degeneration, and more. How do I heal this eating disorder when the medicine( food) is also my drug(food)? Also, which herbals or supplements would be the most important and supportive for me at this point? Much Love and Blessings – Lisa


Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H. is a naturopathic physician, raw foodist, and a master herbalist. Since 1973, he has owned and operated Natural Health Facilities, including health food stores, naturopathic clinics and herb companies (God’s Herbs, Nature’s Botanical Pharmacy, and Dr. Morse’s Cellular Botanicals). Approaching 50 years of practice, his groundbreaking work and unparalleled tissue specific formulas have helped thousands overcome virtually any condition or serious illness; most of which mainstream medicine labels ‘incurable.’

Dr. Morse was the first to teach the crucial role of the body's incredible lymphatic system and why understanding the connection between the kidneys and lymphatic system is vital to unlocking true health and vitality.

If you are in crisis or any other person is in danger, please contact your local emergency services.

All information/content provided by Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club and Dr. Morse’s Schools (“DMHHC & DMS”) is based upon the science of Chemistry and Physics and has been interpreted, simplified, and shared by Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H. Representatives of “DMHHC & DMS” whom provide services or information, do so as empowerment and guidance coaches and not in the capacity of licensed health care providers. All content including (but not limited to) diet, nutritional, herbal, fasting, or any other health modalities found on the and websites, YouTube Channel, and related social media is solely for educational purposes and does not involve or include diagnosing, prognosticating, treatment, or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of diseases and should not be considered a substitute for medically necessary diagnostics. Neither “DMHHC & DMS” nor the publisher of this material accepts responsibility for accidental or intentional misuse of the opinions contained within these videos, or the consequences which may arise from such.

17 Comments on Dr. Morse’s Q&A – 17 Aug. 2021 – Pancreatitis, Gallbladder and more #575

  1. Thank you!

  2. Francis Kimble-Wilson // 17th August 2021 at 6:16 pm //

    How do we send in pictures of our eyes .thank you Robert Morse for all you do .and my heart goes out also

  3. Victoria Rose Noir // 17th August 2021 at 6:58 pm //

    I love you so much Dr Morse ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Love Dr. Morse! He helped my cure interstitial lymphatic stagnation!

  5. Forever grateful for u dr Robert Morse ❤

  6. Doc is spot on about the jab.

  7. Thanks for the great Content as always

  8. Thank you for leading the way. Thank you for fighting for us with your knowledge and teaching us how to fight for ourselves with the knowledge. We’d all be lost without you. I don’t think I would be alive today if I didn’t find you. I’ll never leave your side. I’ll fight right with you and teach everyone in my path what you’ve taught me for the rest of my life! p.s. I haven’t been to sleep yet either but that’s because I’m on day 8 watermelon island…I hope when I do fall asleep that we meet up in a dream!

  9. Well I only have one issue and my isn’t fixed yet after two years and thousands in herbs. All fruit diet.

  10. I’m so grateful for your wisdom, guidance and love Dr Morse, Thank you xx

  11. Love to see his videos one up. Always lifts me up!

  12. Can’t wait to see the detox centers open!

  13. I cannot eat raw fruits and vegetables on an empty stomach. Every time I do, I get the WORST PAIN in my abdomen, so bad I want to go to the ER. It goes away after several hours. I break out into a sweat, I get weak, I feel nauseous. Everyone says it’s gas but I don’t feel like that’s it. I’ve had gas pains before and this pain, the one I I get from raw fruits and vegetables, is nothing like it.
    My doctor said I needed to take enzymes but did not prescribe any. Not sure what to do. :/

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