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Dr. Sebi | God Food, Cure for AIDS, Cancer & Heart Disease – Pt. 1/2

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Dr. Sebi | God Food, Cure for AIDS, Cancer & Heart Disease – 1/2

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#Dr. Sebi confirms there is no disease that can’t be cured
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Dr. Sebi | God Food, Cure for AIDS, Cancer & Heart Disease – Pt. 1/2

Buy The Best Quality Dr Sebi Herbs Here

30 Comments on Dr. Sebi | God Food, Cure for AIDS, Cancer & Heart Disease – Pt. 1/2

  1. Hello
    how can i get in touch with him???

  2. Like the good doctor said, deception is a big problem. America is the land
    of the lie and the home of the spy. The government, big pharma, the
    military, the courts, banks, wall street, education (really
    indoctrination), all corrupt and full of lies.

  3. How can I get in contact with him?

    • Dr. Sebi was a millionaire, a business man, detained because he could not
      give them a reason for having $37k. He has offices and properties around
      the world; a retreat with a community of healing. THE AUTHORITIES KNEW WHO
      HE WAS! This was an assassination. Held for over two weeks, and probably
      tortured. A drug dealer can post bond!

      I choose to honor the healer / warrior, who died a good death at the hands
      of the enemy. Scum and vermin murdered our beloved Dr. Sebi, and those who
      gave the orders are even lower.

      People are buying the bullshit. The same 9/11 BS, Weapons of Mass
      Destruction BS, The Magic Bullet Kennedy Assassination BS…

      Dr. Sebi was murdered with the cooperation of the Honduran and United
      States government, who’s interest are to protect conventional medicine and
      the pharmaceutical industry.

    • Bro Kenneth Johnson // 16th August 2016 at 9:08 pm //

      +Sunglass Chef I believe u

    • Sunglass Chef I highly doubt that this man was assassinated by those you
      posted. although I believe you have a hunch i do believe you should look
      into where companies that produce junk food and soft drinks are billion
      dollar industries think about where those companies originate from. then
      you’ll find an answer

    • Bro Kenneth Johnson // 30th October 2016 at 7:48 pm //

      +Morraechal Jasmin explain it in more detail… about the industries
      originated from?

  4. R. I. P
    Dr. Sebi

  5. 49:00 buy Bottles of Biolectra 1&2 for $90.

  6. Are their any books out on the Dr

  7. Thank you Dr. Sebi … R.I.P. and thank God for lending you to us.

  8. Dr. Sebi will forever be in our hearts! He will be greatly missed.

  9. mandrake plant meaning the Hebrew word duday plant cure what???

    God cure what????

  10. Al Aleph Abba Gawd Sawtawn Ba’al Yahu cure everything

  11. DJED TV - Hidden Wisdom // 1st September 2016 at 12:10 pm // Latest
    comments on Dr. Sebi’s FB page.

  12. This is a beautiful man Imhotep

  13. Who is the Doctor spoken of from Philadelphia at 37:47 minutes into video
    that helps stimulate cell regeneration?

  14. they can’t leave us alone can’t let us achieve because they know once we
    return to our full golry we once again rule this world and show everyone
    how we are truly ment to live

  15. wr VT CD CD CG VH TC GC.

  16. However, hearing him say that calories don’t matter? I am really going to
    look into this cats information and teachings. He has to be correct on some
    of this because lots of what he says makes sense to me.

    • IamGod GodIam did you find any information on the calories? getting into
      fitness and just curious

    • Dvyne Cattleya Yes, from what I can tell since you are 18 mucus free foods
      are very close to eating foods that does not cause mucus you’re actually
      eating better it is better for your health and by not consuming diet soda
      which has the chemicals in it that actually makes the body gain weight and
      return return weight and makes the body blow up and gloat the alkaline diet
      eventually will give you fewer calories overall because you’re not eating
      as much junk food and you’re not eating processed foods with your extremely
      high in calories it seems that eating like this will drastically reduce
      your caloric intake on a daily weekly basis and you lose weight of course
      if a person picks out all the alcohol and food they could possibly gain
      weight but I can’t see that happening considering that’s so much of this
      stuff is vegetable based and fruit based and nuts and there are so many
      recipes that people have for the alkaline diet and what dr. sebi recommends
      he also has plenty Allrecipes so it seems like this thing would work
      particularly since some of the alkaline food keeps you feeling full and
      satisfied they’re bad you won’t have the need or the desire to overheat so
      it sounds good I’m going to try it once I read this stuff and watched his
      videos I could feel what he was speaking about I got mucus and my throat
      and I could feel it in my body after each time that I eat I just never knew
      what that was before but I could see what he is saying so I think it is a
      good thing

    • IamGod GodIam thanks

  17. I’m Chris Smith, I call my self a wellness coach. I need some of is
    products in can I get this link?

  18. omgoodness…the number of intermissions on one film is astonishing. I
    don’t know if that is Youtube’s doing or not. Very annoying though.

  19. that look to good to be true why he never tell what exactly i the natural
    cure it could be a lot of thing what herb i got herb that cure nothing at
    all and make me dumber for small laps of time

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