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2 Comments on Episode 001- 09/18/2016 Discovery of MMS and the History of the Genesis II Church

  1. G2 VoicePublished by Mark Grenon · 11 mins · G2 NEWS:

    We are getting attacked DAILY on all of our sites. Yahoo has completely
    censored anything that mentions MMS. We have had our .org domain taken
    from us. We had to move everything to Iceland. Bravo Iceland for the
    freedom you have given your people! Hackers are trying to stop us so we
    are trying to stay on top on it. If you have not been receiving ALL our
    newsletters which are weekly, then go here and sign up again and maybe
    even sign up with two different e-mails to make sure.

    Please tell friends to sign up also. We are putting where to sign up
    for our G2 Church Newsletters on all our sites, so people will know we
    are being censored. Help us fight this by telling 10 friends to sign up
    for our newsletters. Also, go the
    and read 6 years of newsletters covering many different health related
    topics. What else can you do? Take 20 minutes and go to our main sites
    and signup, like, share with friends and follow us!
    Here are the sites to go to help us by signing up, liking, sharing and following us.
    Thank you to all that help us in this worldwide “health revolution”. We are the majority and on the winning side!
    If anyone wants to donate to the G2Voice, please go to our new site: and click the donation button. Or click here:
    We could use the help in making everything better on our sites and
    especially in beefing up our internet security.Thanks for the help.
    Let’s change the world together!
    Mark All Newsletters (List) – Jim Humble´s MMS News and Newsletter archive – Genesis II Church –

  2. If anyone needs daily sacramental guidance or come to the Colombian
    Restoration center for whatever “dis-ease” you are experiencing, you
    can contact us at: Restore your health and
    maintain that health for the rest of your life!
    Mark Grenon

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