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20 Comments on Eye Pictures

  1. Awesome-makes me go straight to the mirror-id love to see the liferegenerators eyes in this light after 12+ years on raw, and I’d like your opinion on mine after a 40 day waterfast which I completed this year-very excruciating physically after 28 days mind you-anyways-very enlightening

  2. its a pleasure to listen to your wisdom Dr. Morse…I love you man

  3. I think the name is: Fans of Dr. Robert Morse N.D

  4. Evolutionarliy speaking, at the time the species was at the ’roundworm’ stage, the pre-head and pre-bowel / rectum were connected physically, there was no separation. As the worm evolved, the 3 different embryological layers developed, and what was once one orafice serving as input / output for food/waste became two separate organs, the head-mouth and rectum-anus. The round worm became a ‘linear’ worm and the rest is history, i.e. you and me. That is why bowel issues can affect so many organs.

  5. In other words, even though physically separated now, certain layers in the bowel/rectum share the same embryological layer as certain structures of not just the head/brain, but many other organs. Physical distance is not the issue, embryological layer is. There are just 3 main layer – endoderm (inner), mesoderm (middle), ectoderm (outer). The allopathic community virtually ingnores embryology except for pediatrics, but embryology is key as to why disease strikes certain organs and not others.

  6. Thin side problem 🙂 Oh man how the grass is always greener 🙂 Hope you find out why you are getting itchy. Fruit is soooo good! Try eating some of the non-sugar fruits like avocados and walnuts and such. (Fruitarian classification of fruits i mean)

  7. i didn’t know that walnut was a fruit:))

  8. Thank you:)

  9. Monika Czerwinska // 18th July 2012 at 3:56 pm //

    I would say eat fruit as much as possible anyway…itchy skin might be just one of the healing crisis or detox symptoms and will go away sooner or later. When I first switched to fruit diet (raw foods) my skin got extremely dry but I never gave up and after few months everything went back to balance and now I don’t even use any lotions or creams, my skin is very smooth like never before and feels very comfortable.. let your body detox itself and regenerate for at least six months.:)

  10. I just love you SOOOOo MUCH!!!

  11. common misconception 🙂 “Commonly the term “fruit” is used when referring to plant fruits that are sweet, fleshy and contain seeds within the plant fruit (for example, plums, apples, and oranges). However, there are other foods that are not typically considered to be fruits in a culinary sense but are botanically, such as berries, bell peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, nuts and grains.” -Fruitarianism, wikipedia

  12. Thanks:))

  13. LOL. I was just looking for a good copy/paste rather than having to type it all out 🙂

  14. allstreetcreditraw // 6th August 2012 at 8:36 pm //

    is he saying there are no such things as green eyes?

  15. Radii Solaris = Leaky gut. I did do a leaky gut test, and I have leaky gut, plus I looked at my eyes, and I too have Radii Sloaris.

  16. “You’ve got a good body here to take to well-ville.” Ha ha. Love him!

  17. How could you not! :-)))))

  18. Thanks a lot Dr. Morse

  19. LOVE you Dr. Morse! Thank you for everything that you do

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