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28 Comments on Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Part One

  1. @mrtruthforever soo.. how are things now? 🙂 doing the fruit and herbs?

  2. @composertimbeek There is actually a blessing (in a weird way) when the
    body’s ability to absorb toxicity is weakened. It forces you to listen to
    the body & observe the effects of everything you ingest. Your eating
    becomes extremely restrictive, but you end up taking in only what the body
    needs in unadulterated form. The body loses weight, sheds toxicity & in the
    end you actually do feel hightened spirtuality (less prone to emotional
    toxicities). I eat basically fruits&veggies.Thanks for asking.

  3. chronic fatigue, neuropathy and mystery diagnosis

  4. @poleofficer he’s an old person give em a break if you want raw info google

  5. You appear to be a chill old person good for you dude

  6. I got some kinda weird fucked up nerve disorder that my dad thinks may have
    something to do with these anti-depressents i took when i was a wee
    youngin. Basically i live with constant leg cramps every day and night.
    Takes a bit to finally get to sleep and takin stuff like Acetaminophen and
    asprin sort of helps a bit…Cant really walk so much anymore. Used to
    really like goin on 8 mile hikes through the woods near my house. 

  7. I am 21 now i took the meds when i was 14-15. It’s been like 4 months since
    the leg cramps started i think maybe less. Before that happened i was on a
    short reprieve from months long stomach pains and before that i was
    suffering from a 5 month ordeal of constant debilitating migraines that
    nobody knew how to fix and they just randomly stopped one day. I
    occasionally still get headaches but they are nowhere near the pain of
    those migraines…Hey gotta look on the bright side right? Pain tolerance

  8. Wild Crafted Physique // 18th March 2012 at 11:36 pm //

    @poleofficer lol if you say no info at all you are insane. You will learn
    more in one day of watching these videos than goin to medical school for 9
    years bro

  9. “Truth fits like a finger in a glove”. Are we enjoying this rock or not 🙂
    Love it!

  10. Life should be simple and deep, not shallow and complicated

  11. i had leg cramps, and nerve pains, worse in my legs, for years, and taking
    magnesium has really helped, have you tried it? 

  12. yeah i was on magnesium supplements for a few months but there was
    literally no change

  13. I know I’m a little late but you have so many videos I can’t search through
    them all. Ever heard of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?

  14. lupus and parsley ?

  15. There is no such a thing as diseases?
    Do you have any experience in dealing with Antisynthetase Syndrome with
    Interstitial Lung disease, Anti Jo-1 posive?

    • +Shirley Pollak Yes, he has said in several videos that “disease” indicates
      something that ‘happens’ and that you can’t rid yourself of. Understanding
      what he is saying, you see that these so called diseases are just a matter
      of something going on internally that can be remedied with detox, a whole
      hearted, honest detox. Medical Dr.’s treat symptoms and not the cause, Dr.
      Morse is about correcting the cause and your “disease” disappears. I had an
      “incurable auto-immune disease” Lupus. After working the protocol, I am
      delighted to say that it is gone, so is allergies, migraines, arthritis and
      clinical depression. He’s the real deal but it is work…..

  16. The guys a nutt

  17. Along with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and arthritis, I also suffer with
    ulcer diverticulitis, nervous problems, childhood trauma. The list can go
    on and on. I’m 48 and have been suffering since age 30. My mother is 76
    with same problems.

    • +Tracy T rebuild them adrenals. start with adrenal glandulars (raw bovine)
      for 1-3 months depending on level of adrenal burnout/exhaustion. then
      switch to adrenal herbs for the same time. *note: at first you likely feel
      less energy but over weeks it will improve and then youll feel more energy
      than when you began.

    • +Haro Where do I buy these herbs and what are the names? Thank you very much

  18. Wish Lyme was that simple! Getting bit by a tick crap is not crap when feel
    so sick. It’s Lyme not lymes! Killing Lyme is painful when u try to treat
    it. I’ve tried about everything so maybe I could try this and I’ll let u
    know if it works. I bet if he had Lyme he may not be even
    making a video because he’d be in bed!

  19. Really, has anyone heard of Lyme Island?

  20. Whats with the feminist line he keeps bringing up. Men cause wars? this is
    a Female planet? I wish he didnt because he really does sound like a nut
    when he says that.

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