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19 Comments on Finally! The World’s Greatest Healing Center is open!

  1. mattycakesmuhammmad // 7th February 2020 at 4:33 pm //

    the devil is not happy about this healing center

  2. Aajonus Vonderplantiz is all about regeneration, Dr. Robert Morse detoxification. Thank you both!

  3. Lisa777 There is a better way // 7th February 2020 at 4:35 pm //

    Whoohoo!!! AWESOME!!!!! This made my day!!!! Happy healing!!!! Much Love!!

  4. yay!!

  5. Liegeless Impressions // 7th February 2020 at 4:54 pm //

    Best wishes for success in the Colombian center.

  6. Congratulations.

  7. Wish I was healthy enough to get out of a bed & get there. Unfortunately the most sick probably can’t get down to Columbia.

    • You can pray to muster the strength to get to a place where you can be saved, but you must want to be saved and willing to get healthy and go through the stages of building yourself up.

      Are you eating only fruits, juices, water & herbs now?

      It’s a process. Gradually make changes just a little bit at a time, slowly shifting towards what you know is best for you at this stage.

      It can be difficult if you’re fighting against the beliefs of loved ones, but if you gradually & firmly express your will and needs, then you can gracefully create an understanding.

      I hope this encourages you.

      All the best,
      Miss C

  8. Wow! Increible… una belleza… So excited for this to be in Colombia!

  9. Ohhhh yeaaah guys that sounds INCREDIBLE! I wish you wish you all the best from all of my heart!

  10. I would love to help there!

  11. exciting stuff! we need one of these in every city!

  12. I was so happy to hear this Fantastic News. I have been looking for a place to learn meditation and Yoga. Plus you have all the other benefits…Hope I can come in April!!

  13. Robert’s energy is on highest level, nailed it. Great duo.

  14. I need this! Thank you both of you!

  15. this guys is so incredibly humble about his achievement, much love!

  16. God bless your Healing Center!!!

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