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Findings Confirmed, Doctors Did Not Believe: Woman Cure Cancer In The Fourth Stage! She Ate Only THIS!

Five years ago, Candice Marie Fox was given 5 years to live due to her thyroid cancer which has spread to her organs. Devastated, she refused chemotherapy and instead started consuming 3 pineapples a day together with lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, bananas, apples and papaya. Today she is 31 and very much healthy and alive, she managed to defeat fourth stage cancer in 6 months!

She learned that animal proteins feed the cancer cells and that by consuming meat her body spends all the energy in digesting the meat meals instead of keeping that energy to fight cancer. Candice also discovered that bromelain which is found in papaya, pineapple and kiwi destroys the protein layer of the cancer.

After couple of misfortunes she faced in her life due to cancer and chemotherapy where she lost her 13 year old cousin and her 31 year old friend Jamie, she refused undergoing chemo and after some research on natural ways of fighting cancer she discovered that pineapples, papaya and kiwi are rich in bromelain that can destroy cancer.

She also quit smoking ans using cosmetics and cleaning products but what is more important she tried to reduce stress.

“Stress, chemicals and animal products feed cancer, so I got rid of them” says Candice.

After six months her doctors confirmed that she managed to defeat cancer almost completely.

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