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G2Voice #003 10-5-16 Diabetes, Protocol 1000 and Rev Samula Testimony

Diabetes cure explained using MMS with personal testimonies. Explaining the Protocol 1000. Rev. Samula from Uganda testimony.
I do want to add that we’ve seen people cure their diabetes using MMS 2 by itself and with Protocol 1000.

8 Comments on G2Voice #003 10-5-16 Diabetes, Protocol 1000 and Rev Samula Testimony

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  3. What protocol and dilution would you use on a 6kg dog with diabetes who is
    currently on insulin twice per day?

  4. My daughter was in a coma when she was 3 ,she was diagnosed with type 1
    diabetes ,she has been insulin dependent now 13 years ,she is sixteen now
    ,is this mms going to help my daughter ,

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