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G2Voice #005 Breast Cancer and Protocol 2000

In this episode we will be talking about what breast cancer is and how to cure it. Also, we will be teaching the Protocol 2000. Timeline of history : …
G2 Newsletter, “Breast Cancer awareness month can kill you!”
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13 Comments on G2Voice #005 Breast Cancer and Protocol 2000

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  2. i have used MMS to detox and have not had a sickness in two years. love to
    jim humble and all

  3. I’ve just clicked on the link for the timeline. Error on page : this file
    no longer exists. Do you perhaps have another link for this?

  4. “The Blacks”? You may not be racist but using The before blacks makes you
    sound racist.

    • Sorry! Don’t even know how I used it? Was it experiments on Blacks?
      Anyways, my wife is a morenita, and most of my grandkids! hahahaha
      racist,Now way! Mark

    • I know you are not racist. A racist would not be trying to help the world
      as much as you are. I am simply pointing out the fact of what you said.
      It was more like a friend making another friend aware of something he may
      not know.

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