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G2Voice #020 Herpes: Is it a Life Sentence?


Today we will be talking about Herpes: Is it a life sentence? Well no, And this is how we restore people to health using our Genesis II Church Sacraments.

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7 Comments on G2Voice #020 Herpes: Is it a Life Sentence?

  1. MMs-yep, safe, miracle, from God! Use with extreme caution, and follow the directions. Thank you, Genesis II .

  2. Are you guys ever going to do a video on mms and multiple sclerosis? It’s proven that olive leaf abstract kills off the herpes virus.

    • I’ve mentioned we had good success with M.S. Maybe in the future. Doesn’t really matter what the dis-ease is tho. The protocols are what people need to do starting at the “starting procedure”.
      Lord bless,

  3. Thank you so much for your effort on helping us, i have question on herpes 2, i have it for year and a half snd luckily i had 3 break out only, and the third didn’t come out to surface of the skin, in this case do i still need to follow the protocols you gave us on the video? Do i do the protocol even if i don’t have the break out- please advise- appreciate your support and help

  4. Do you have an e-mail?

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