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G2Voice #032: Is the Germ Theory based on “fake science? 4-23-

This week we are talking about the Germ “Theory” and what truly cases disease.

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5 Comments on G2Voice #032: Is the Germ Theory based on “fake science? 4-23-

  1. For a good introduction to MMS for you, friends and family; please watch our documentary:
    You can study all the MMS Protocols with us in our On-line Video Course:
    G2Church membership:
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    Watch our G2Voice Broadcast at: Study hard and you will be able to “restore health” from ANY dis-ease.
    If you are healthy then it will help you “maintain” that health in a
    toxic world.
    Lord bless, Mark

  2. Carolina Enrikricia // 25th April 2017 at 3:35 pm //

    In case you need volunteers to translate English to spanish calls, let me know I will let you know my phone number in USA and we can do a three way call.

  3. Grandma Liz's Kisses // 25th April 2017 at 7:16 pm //

    where can i purchase the products that i need. eyes are so bad that i can barely read. thank you. god bless you and your family.

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