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G2Voice #112 Why you sooooo STUPID! This isn’t a question but a statement! 10/4/18

This week we are taking about why people are soooooo stupid!

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2 Comments on G2Voice #112 Why you sooooo STUPID! This isn’t a question but a statement! 10/4/18

  1. Not a rhetorical question…

  2. I already listened to it, clap clap..oh yes, something joe said on this show (or it might of been another recent show iv listened to?) about how ya can tell meat is? err i forgot the word he used? healthy maybe? no matter, And i can’t remember where i heard this, or if its correct, it may of been charlotte gerson on one of her lectures, whoever it was said stay away from fresh meat if its blood red on the shelfs when ya buy it, cause meat goes brown very quickly, and that they add some kind of chemical to it so that it stays red, just thought id point this out, right or wrong..great show by the way, loved it..

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